FAO Ollier

Hi thanks for the offer of a lift!that would be great im more near Blackburn than Manchester so im not sure if there is anyone from near this area???


  • hi hon!!

    if you are rawtenstall / shadsworth part of Blackburn i could pick you up, as it isnt too far out of the way? otherwise i have no idea where you'd be!!

    (worked at Queens park for a while years ago!!)
  • Im in Clitheroe,so it may be abit awkward!but i really appreiciate the offer and the thought!
  • Can I get to Clitheroe with the aid of my satnav???

    Dont know the area very well but I am on the Bury/Bolton border so we could work something out between us all!
  • hi hon!!

    unfortunately Clitheroe is a bit too far far me to pic u up, but the to drop you off to get back down here to pic the boys up from school at 3!! it would be a good 2 1/2 hrs driving both times.! but, i've spoken with Tommy's mum, and next time we are gonna come up there!!
  • I understand,and i just wanna say a big thanks to you both for at least going to the trouble of trying lol!next time i am coming,try and stop me!haha x
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