My husband came home from work last night and told me this stupid joke (as he knows how much I love stupid jokes):-

How do monkeys make toast in the jungle?

They put it under the gorilla

Really sorry such a stupid joke, but it made me laugh :lol:



  • i have one but its long really and you'll have to read it out loud to get the effect!

    a millionaire is in the bath and he calls in his butler, who is called Waddle. he says "Waddle, fetch me a glass of wine and my book to read" so Waddle trots off, but as he is leaving, the millionaire farts in the bath.
    Waddle returns with the millionaires wine, his book and a hot water bottle. "Why on earth would i want a hot water bottle" cries the millionaire. to which waddle i was leaving you said "Wad-aboud-a-wader-boddle-woddle!"

    tee hee! i love that joke!
  • Ha ha ha ha ha-love them both! Only know one joke and I've told it here before so won't bore you with it again-mind it is a good one!! Cheered me up thank you ladies x
  • he he... like the jokes, I dont have a joke, but...

    When I was little my ears were quite large ( Ive grown into them now!)
    But when I was about 5yrs old & running around in the garden one day, my mum laughed and said (with reference to my ears) "dont run to fast or you will take off!!" ....that ended up being the family joke for years!!! mean image xxx
  • xjojox i don't get it either image
  • Cos thats the noise he farts makes (I think)


  • Palmtree. I also had big ears as a child (I have almost grown into them) and my mum used to say I never moved im my cot or pram coz my ears stopped me from turning over. LoL. Parents can be so cruel. LoL

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
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