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To all you mums out there, I'd appreciate your comments on getting baby into a routine. My lo's 15wks and has a routine albeit a bit unconventional! She's up late at night, gets her bath late, but sleeps through till the next morning. We've tried to bath her earlier as we're sure she knows this is bedtime approaching and put her up in her crib but it didn't work. I feel I have no time to myself whatsoever during the day as her daytime naps are very short then she needs entertained again. I'm not moaning cos I love every moment I spend with her. Is this how things are or am I making life difficult by letting her sleep so long at night? Your thoughts please x image


  • I feel so selfish cos i love having my night's sleep but i feel Amy should be going to bed early evening then I can have a bit of time to myself. I think her daytime naps are def getting shorter than what they were. Maybe i should put her up to bed earlier and persevere through the crying then feed her later before I go to bed.
  • That does sound good. I'd love a relaxing evening on the settee! I'd be worried about giving Amy a dream feed as she pukes loads so I tend to keep her upright as much as possible after her feeds x
  • Someone recommended dream feeds to us, can't remember who now. Kelsie adjusted to a 7-7 bedtime at about 4/5 months BUT she was waking for a feed at 4/5ish until she was 10 months old. Now she'll sleep through from 6.30-7pm til 5.30-7am. Jack is 14 weeks and prefers to be up til 12/1am image What we do now is gradually every 15/20 mins per night is to get him to sleep earlier. Its now at about 10.30 and if he falls asleep he'll have a dream feed when we take him up and that normally sees him through until 6/7am the next morning. If he's awake at 10.30 a few trips upstairs with the replugging the dummy soons works and he'll take his dream feed when we go to bed. It works for us. You need to stick at a routine, when your LO has a bath, how long is she in there for? Do you bath with her? Either me or my OH bath with Jack and really play with him and he'll always fall asleep when hes dried and dressed. Is your baby getting enough stimulation throughout the day? Jumperoo/door bouncer etc? The more you can wear your LO out you should find she's ready for bed a lot earlier.


  • I agree with Katie and MrsGA. also my lo is really sick afer a feed but that's cos he has reflux. We tried the dream feed and although it didn't work for us, he was still waking through the night, he wasn't sick after the dream feed. He now sleeps 7.30-5am and then usually on and off till 7 (with encouragement from me!)
    Agree that you should just bring bathtime forward each night by a few mins and eventually it will be at a time that suits you. Also make sure she is getting enough milk during the day to make her sleep thru the night. S x
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