big sleep problems..long post and a moan (sorry!)

I'm feeling really down at the moment image My little man is now 7 months and has always been a great sleeper. We worked hard in the early days to establish a good routine and to teach him how to self settle. From 6 weeks he would sleep 7-7 with one wake up at about 4am. From 4 months he slept through with a dreamfeed at 10pm.

All was fine until about a month ago when I thought he had d&v which then turned out to be an egg allergy. I gave him egg a further 2 times without realising what the problem was and he was just sick and having nasty nappies all the time. This meant I was up several times in the night with him as his nappy had leaked or he was sick. I would end up having to fully change him and sometimes dunk him in the shower so he was properly awake. This went on for 2 weeks.

During this time he learnt to crawl and was happily crawling around all day. He was still sleeping well during the daywhen swaddled. At night he started rolling over and crawling and waking himself up. I let it go for a week or so hoping he would figure it out but it was just getting worse. I started CC which was working as he had started to fall asleep on his front and will now choose to sleep on his front. We had a couple of nights where he only woke once or twice and would self settle without any help from me. Then he got a cold! Full streaming head cold and cough so started waking in the night again. I was going into him as he was poorly and he quite liked falling asleep on my shoulder.

His cold is improving but not back to normal yet. 2 days ago he started rolling in his swaddle and getting stuck so I have now stopped swaddling and just put him in a gro bag but he is finding it so hard to settle. I can't really do CC until he is fully better so I'm stuck with little sleep at night (longest stretch is 3 hrs but usually waking hourly) and him refusing to sleep during the day and now he is sooooo overtired I dont know how to help him.

I'm hoping he will recover from his cold soon so I can try CC and get the nights back on track. I think things feel worse because I am so tired and starting to do a few shifts back at work and due to work til midnight tomorrow - gonna need loads of matchsticks!!!

Sorry for the long moan it's just that when I try and discuss it with my mum she just go's on about how my brother didn't sleep until he was 2 etc....not helpful!



  • Have you tried giving him something to sooth him back off to sleep himself like a mobile that plays lullabyes that worked a treat with my son at that age.
  • I could have practically written this myself! My lttle girl is 8 1/2 months and has been a good sleeper, although she has never slept through, most nights she only woke once. Since she has learnt to crawl she has been a nightmare and also so inconsistant. One day last week she slept for 5 hours and still slept ok at night. This week I am lucky to get 1 hour combined all day. I put her to bed when she is tired but she just crawls all round her cot, pulling herself up and screaming. Even though she is in a sleeping bag she gets her arms and legs stuck in the bars and on Monday she pulled herself over the top of the cot! We just heard a massive bang and screaming and she was on the bedroom floor. She is constantly waking through the night as well, sometimes crying, sometimes chattering. She has supper, I give her a sip of water when she wakes, I've been giving her calpol in case there are teeth bothering her but nothing is working. I don't know what to do, Im back at work soon so can't carry on like this. I thought that when she crawled she would be more tired but its like her mind is much more active as well. I think I might invent a velcro sleepsuit and stick her down in the cot! If you find anything that works let me know! xx
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