Talc powder ??

Hi everyone !!
Can you please tell me your views on using talc powder on babies, I've constantly been told by my mother and grandmother it can halm the baby as it is very easy to breath in and can go straight to the lungs ?? I have also read a few articles about this and most proffessionals do not recommend talc now because of this - is it just another myth ???


  • g/c from toddler - i read and heard all the storeis about talc and not being very good but i still used it, mainly on haydens toes anad wee creases so its not like i was shaking it about like a woman in a shake n vac add!! i love the smell of it an dstill use it on visits to pool to help make sure his toes are dry. i may be wrong but i think you can get a liquid/cream the feels like and works like talc when you apply to skin.
    love fi
  • Talc is fine as long as you avoid the face and wee delicate areas, no underarms or bums. I love the smell too!!
  • Personally I've never used it on myself or lo and never will-it's easily inhaled and shouldn't be used on lo's genitals, I don't think it's an urban myth x
  • I don't use it either, I also read somewhere about it being too easy to breathe in.
  • No way, definitely not a myth and I was never prepared to take the risk xx
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