French minister- what do you think?

I've just been reading this story and wondered what people thought about it?

Basically the French justice minister had her daughter by c-section on Friday and went back to work on Wednesday!!! image

I'm all for women having the right to a career and children, but this seems a little excessive to me! I don't understand how she is physically able to do it, or why she would want to. In my opinion if you make the decision to have a child, then surely you want to spend as much time with them as possible- especially when they are less than a week old.

What are your thoughts?

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  • I saw this story yesterday and was so shocked - i'm all for women returning to work etc but after having Oscar i just don't understand how she could tear herself away from the baby that soon, knowing now how i felt 5 days after birth - babies need their mummies when they're that young xx
  • To me it seems a bit mad and as the article suggests it a bit of a slap in the face to those who have had to fight for maternity leave. Cant believe they only get 16 weeks!!! In this country you legally cant go back to work for 3 weeks and i think thats a good idea. You may feel ok but your body needs to rest. I had a natural birth so im not sure about revovery from a c section but regardless of that how is she not exhausted!! I know her job isnt pjhysically demanding but even office work is tiring especially running from meeting to meeting. I couldnt do it. I dread the thought of leaving her at 6 months!

  • The thing is she lives in a very male dominated world career wise and probably feels immense pressure to keep up with her peers and get back to work asap. I could never do it myself and I can't imagine its doing much to help the bondng process but I doubt she is enjoying it either.

    Thank god for the three week law here.
  • It's time we'll never get back, isn't it, babyhood. And there's no way she can be physically or emotionally up to it, surely :\?
  • I certainly wouldn't have been able to go back so early physically or emotionally. Every woman is different like every baby so I guess she felt ready. Someone on the radio said the meeting was about the financial future and couldn't be missed. So maybe she felt a bit of pressure to be there too? I guess running the country at the moment must be really scarey.If you're out of it even for a short while you miss what's going on and others have a better idea of whats going on and its your job and your responsibility! Is she back at work permantly (sp!!)or just for this one meeting?
  • I'm back at work, I went back when Nathan was 6 months but wished I had and was ready to go back after 3 months. If we have any more I will definitely be back at work at 3 months, but there is no way I could have dealt with a days work after just 5 days. Physically I still wasnt 100% and I just couldnt have coped with pressure being put on me from anywhere other than home.

    She did look fab but then she probably has a make up artisit and stylist all on standby. I was still in my maternity wear!

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