Opinions please Silver Cross vs Mothercare

Hi ladies

Hope you and little ones are all well.

I am having a dilema r.e. travel systems.

We have been looking at Silver Cross firstly we looked at the 3D which we liked, I then changed my mind & decided that I liked the Silver Cross Linear Freeway so we went to look at that one today, whilst I like it especially as the pushchair part converts to face either us or outwards, I found that it to be a bit bulky.

Anyway I have now had another look & seen the Mothercare Xcursion which comes with the car seat, has the pram mode & both facing pushchair options, we are going to have a look at this one tomorrow in the store.

Has anyone got either of these & if so can I have your opinions please.

Thanks so much

21+5 xxx


  • Grr BE lost my reply image

    G/C here but we loved the excursion and the my3 from mothercare, after reading a thread on here the my3 came out very favourable and the excursion had a couple of negative reviews.
    Have seen the SC and it's lovely but have my heart set on the my3 I think!
    Be interested to see the replies you get.
    16+4 xx
  • Hi I have a silvercross linear freeway and love it! We got it 3 years ago when pregnant with ds. I love it as a pram and also love it as a buggy. We did get a stroller when he was 6 months old (a silvercross pop) which we used for holidays or for quick pop in and out shops etc.
    I have just had another baby so I'm using it as a pram again and love it! Especially as if ds gets tired I can convert it in 2 secs to be a pushchair and I carry dd in a wrap/sling. If I had a pram carrycot style I couldn't do that.
    It is very big and bulky. It's ok for us because I have an estate car so it fits in easy even with a weeks shopping. But when We put it in our parents cars it takes up the whole boot. So depends what car you have.
    Also think about where it will be stored in the house. Ours fits in our hallway but it would take up too much room in some houses. My parents have a decent sized 3 bed house but I have to leave it in the middle of the kitchen if I walk there.
    So I love it but you do have ti consider it's size.
    One thing I will also add - silvercross customer service is great if anything goes wrong! Something small went wrong with our pop and I contacted them. They got a courier to collect it, they mended it and with in 3 working days I had it back - no charge & no hassle!
    Sorry I don't know anything about the mothercare one.
  • I used to have the mothercare xcursion and while it was good while LO was in the car seat combination, when it was in the pushchair mode LO hated it and I found it was even bulkier. It is heavy too.
    I got rid of mine when LO was 8 months and now have a M&P Sola which I love and LO loves it too. Really light, easy to fold, looks fab and so much easier to use.

    Happy shopping image
  • I have the mothercare my4. We looked at the silver cross but it folded up larger than the my4, so went with this to save some room. The xcursion I was told isn't a true 'lie flat' carrycot, whereas the my3/4 and the silvercross linear freeway are. Baby is (i think) supposed to be lay flat most of the time for the first 12 weeks & only be sat up/in a car seat for max of 2 hours a day, so also a reason we went with the my4. I also read a few bad reviews on the xcursion so was put off.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies it's really good to get some varied opinions.

    Which ever we go for we wont be using the car seat on the chassis, this will be purely for journeys in the car.

    That's why I like the idea of pram to pushchair but with the facing us option as I dont want bubs facing outwards to soon & s/he will be lie flat in the pram as newborn so I want that part to be nice too.

    I have just had a look at the my4 & it looks quite nice so I think we will be doing lots of comparing tomorrow, may be between the Silver cross & the MY4 although I did worry about space in the house with the Silver Crossl ike newbiemum says.

    Thanks so much ladies

    Any other opinions welcome xxx
  • hiya im g/c but my friend has the excursion and as beautiful as it is, it is so very big!! its deceptive but it really is long!! my friend has really struggled getting aroud and about with it and her baby is only 10weeks ... iv looked at the my4 (prematurely as dd is 3 and walks everywhere and not ttc untill sept but no harm in looking!! lol) anyway i much prefer the my4

    just thought id throw in my pennys worth
  • Thanks Spuddy, all opinions very welcome as want to make sure we pick the right one for us.

    I do quite like the look of the My4 now so will be comparing this & the Silver Cross I think.

    Thanks hun & good luck when you start ttc again xxx
  • Hey you!

    Okay my contribution will be a bit negative, but anyway:

    For me the Silver Cross was far too heavy and seemed really over priced.

    When we looked at one (can't remember the name of it, soz) in Mothercare the woman couldn't work out how to collapse it - it had a four part system that you had to do in order but you needed two people to be able to follow the four part system. Once she had managed it she said "oh, and to fit it in your boot you take the wheels off" like, WHAT?? Plus to turn the buggy round from parent to world facing and vice versa you have to push two things in on either side of the chassis then pull the buggy bit up - again, not something that you could achieve on your own. PLUS! It was about 70 quid more than the one I wanted in Mamas and Papas (the Switch), and I had always thought that Mothercare were supposed to represent value for money.

    Sorry, got a bit agitated there. Just wasn't overly impressed with Mothercare, as you can tell!
  • Ha ha M&S sounds like you had a bad time with them so im not surprised you wernt impressed!! You know I welcome all opinions both positive & negative.
    Are you getting the M&P then?? We looked at a M&P yesterday cant remember what one it was but we wernt that impressed.

    We went today to look at the My4 in Mothercare & we loved it, the lady was really helpful & new exactly what she was doing so made collapsing it look really simple & easy, also changing from pram to buggy mode wether it be facing us or outwards was really easy & then if we decided for any reason to have car seat on it then thats easy too, although I want baby laying flat to start with. It will easily fit in the boot of our car as we cleverly purchased a family size car hence nice spacious boot before we conceived this little one he he!!

    So over all we were very impressed & we went away feeling happy rather than how I felt with the SC yesterday which was a little disapointed that for us it wasnt a bit more compact esp as I have heard so many good reviews.

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