With hubby's interview coming up I've been trying to think of questions for him to ask. When you go for job interviews are there any questions you always ask?

And for any chefs or chef widows to alp their husbands, are there any specific ones you'd ask?

Thanks ladies xxx


  • I generally ask things which make you sound interested in the company. Things like. How long have you been open? Whats the busiest time of year etc etc. Maybe do they host weddings? xxx
  • You could try careers advice on the internet, I think you can call them and they go through typical interview questions for the type of job you are going for x
  • Thanks.

    They don't do weddings - part of the appeal I think :lol: We've come up with a list asking about the company, their restaurant plans etc but having never been on this type of interview I'm stumped.

    May phone them Tuesday morning joannemarie thanks.

  • times of work _I know up in the air with that job
    pay scales or schemes
    pension/holiday/sick pay
    how many in the team?
    How is the team structured?

    ummmmmmm struggling now ...
  • The team structure one is one we hadn't thought of, and an important one depending on how big the team is. The advert says about leading a team of 3 but we're not sure if that's 3 plus OH or 3 including him - hopefully not the latter!

    Times of work are good, we'll need to know if he needs to be there for breakfast every day! Again, I hope not!

    Thanks CC xxx
  • oh glad I helped I had no clue really :lol:
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