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i wamt to start jacob swimming after his jabs next week and wondered what he needs to wear, i have bought some huggies swim nappies (hope there better than thier normal nappies!) and a baby warmer suit (like a wet suit) but do i need some trunks aswell?

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  • Not if you put him in the wetsuit. I just put Peter in his swim nappy and wet suit and he splashes about happily. Have fun!
  • I wouldnt have trunks as well as the suit. We are also taking the boys next week and I have some swimmer nappies (theyre not supposed to swell like normal nappies) and some swimming trunks/shorts.

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  • Ive got the swimmer nappies, a wetsuit thing from mothercare and we bought some trunks which have a terry style nappy lining. He wears them all, which i know might be a little excessive but id rather that than him have an accident. I also think it keeps the swimmer nappy a bit tighter on him so lessens the likelihood of anything seeping through!! (ive found the sizing on the swimmers not ideal at the min for our LO....too big for the tiny ones and too small for the next size up!)

    Im not sure how strong your LO is, but we also take a blow up baby seat thing. Got it from asda i think, but they do them in mothercare aswell. Its an absolute godsend as it means your not holding them all the time. We put our LO in it (hes 4.5months) and hes completely safe and we know we can push him round the water. It also allows him to really kick his legs in the water to get used to it. Id say your LO might be a bit little for one just yet, but eventually id advise you get one. We got so many smiles and giggles when he went in the seat!! You may even find the pool you go to has them with the floats, ours does and a lot of people use them. Have fun, i love swimming with my boy!! xx
  • A swim nappy and a wetsuit/snug should be fine - that's what I used until we started lessons and they insisted on a happy nappy as well. If you're going to take him fairly often it might be worth getting one of these too, to wear over the disposable swim nappy, just to give you a bit more confidence that any poo will be contained, as the disposable nappies don't tend to be a great fit:
  • thanx ladies will have a look for one to go over then just incase, dont want to be known as the mummy whos boy pooed in the pool!!!
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