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Breast or bottle I really dont judge. This article made my blood boil!!!! The comments people put! Why dont they understand that you cant pick and choose when a baby is hungry arghhh,

Hope that works.


  • That has made me so angry how so many people have agreed with the bus driver whtf??

    and this quote,

    I breast fed for a while, then switched to the bottle for both my children but under no circumstances, with either option, would i feed them on a filthy, dirty, noisy bus which have generally got one if not 2 not-rights on them. I always made sure I was in acceptable, clean surroundings - not for the benefit of other people - but for the benefit of my babies. Anyone who says - a baby feeds when it needs to - she had no choice the baby was hungry - blah blah blah.. She should have soothed the baby until she was in an enviroment suitable to feed... Why would anyone want to feed a child on a bus, I certainly wouldnt eat on one.

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    Oh yeah you try telling a new born that they can wait for their food, i would just say it's cruel to let a baby that young to wait they have no sense of time!! and i know for a fact no sense of soothing would calm mo lo down if he was hungry at that age he would need to be fed straight away!!
  • Just read a few others, it is surprisingly shocking some people narrow mindedness. Feed the baby before you go out and the baby will be ok for a few hours?? babies need to feed a lot more than every few hours when they are little.

    It has really made me think twice about bf in public if the views of some of those comments are the majority I don't BF because i'm an exhibitionist, i bf because i know it's the best for my lo grrrr x
  • Stupid bus driver.

    Another question has occured to me, from a purely safety point of view - should the baby be out when the bus is moving? Obviously they couldn't be in a car seat but isn't that dangerous? I've never got the bus with Benjamin so sorry if this is a daft q!

  • I got filthy looks from a waitress in a cafe the other day and I use a nursing cover so abslutely nothing on show but Lucas is a noisy feeder (he hums). I felt awful for the first time BF but thought f it, I'm doing the right thing here, they'd prefer this to him screaming in hunger!

    Re baby on the bus...hmmm...I take Lucas in his sling and I can feed him in that, not sure how safe I'd feel just holding him...I'm unstable enough as it is!!!

    Poor girl though...what a w****r!
  • OMG, some of the comments underneath have made me seeth with rage!! I can't believe how stupid and ignorant some people are! Arrgh, wish I hadn't read it - it's made me so cross!
  • Flipping eck!! As with the others, it's the comments underneath that have annoyed me more! A particular favourite is......

    Sorry, girls, I'm with the driver - put 'em away. There's a time and a place, and this ain't it. You know when you're baby is going to need feeding so structure your movements accordingly.

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    Lets see, a 6 wk old baby, he'll want feeding whenever he is hungry, which could be anything from every 1/2 hr to every 3 hrs!! Unfortunately the baby will not have yet memorised the bus timetable to fit in with!!!

  • OMG - like everyone else, it's the comments underneath that have made me angry. I am sure the people on the bus would much rather a woman sat breastfeeding discreetly, than a screaming baby.

    The comments make it sound like breastfeeding women just whap their boobs out and have them flapping around for all to see!! I am sure all these people that say "I don't want to see it" have probably seen it loads of times and had no idea! My friend walked through customs while she BF her 2 week old - and I doubt anyone realised.

    Oh and before this thread turns into another "feeding debate" can I just say - Whether you FF or BF - I think everyone needs to be tolerant, and respect a woman's right to choose what is right for her and her baby. (just thought I'd get that in early on!) image
  • I can't believe no-one on the bus stood up for her!!!

    And as for the people's comments, I can't believe how out of touch so many people can be? Even if they don't know about babies needing feeding more often etc how they can be offended by a baby feeding, and people talking about 'putting them away', you can't see anything anyway.

    I was just getting so mad reading the comments. And how come if you agreed with the girl you were a 'breastfeeding Nazi' but if you were rude and narrow minded then you were perfectly rational?
  • Am I imagining this or did something like this allegedly happen a few months back and the woman was shown to have made it all up?
  • Yeah, I remember that, it doesn't do a lot to encourage to ladies to bf to hear stories like that and then to learn she made it up is shameful.
  • well we all know she has full right to breast feed where ever she feels like and the comments left by narrow minded people on there are disgusting!
    i said to my husband i would have flashed him-just to teach him a lesson-which yes i would expect to be thrown off a bus for! lol and hubby said we should all let our babies cry in the bus drivers ear-that would distract him more than breastfeeding! my hubby is a shy man (obv the opposite of me,bless him) and even he said a baby needs to be feed where ever the baby is hungry be it ona bus or an ywhere else and no one should be made to feel bad about it!

    also what on earth is the comment about it being a dirty bus! wtf?! the baby is suckling on the mothers breast not licking the fricking floor!!

    can we all see it made me slightly angry!
  • if people dont like it they shouldnt look!!!!!!! its simple as that surely?!

    i breastfed for 9 months and got nothing but smiles and praise!!

    no wonder so many young mothers dont want to do it!
  • I'm with Peeptoe and BabyGaffer - do I have deja vu?
    Wasn't there another mother in Bristol involved in an exact same 'incident' only for it to be found to be a load of tosh and she'd made it up? I really hope this isn't another attempt at five minutes of fame...

    [Modified by: EmilyB on August 11, 2010 08:42 PM]

  • OMG what a dick! i was in a cafe before and was asked to sit in the corner out of the way so no one would see and to make sure that i kept covered up, only it was a cold day and ds2 was starving i'd have told her to fook off and threw my juice round her lol I have also been directed to the toilet facilites on one occasion
  • OMG what a dick! i was in a cafe before and was asked to sit in the corner out of the way so no one would see and to make sure that i kept covered up, only it was a cold day and ds2 was starving i'd have told her to fook off and threw my juice round her lol I have also been directed to the toilet facilites on one occasion

    Stagecoach have said its a load of tosh. If that's true she's an absolute idiot!

    Still think all the comments are absolutely stupid though. Halfwits
  • On a more positive note, I BF my 8 month old on the train this afternoon and not a single person said anything negative to me - and I didn't use a sling, cover or anything. She needed feeding as we were running late and she would be having dinner later than usual so I didn't think twice, just put her on. It wasn't dirty, she was lying in my arms feeding and I think she actually liked the motion of the train, it's quite calming anyway.

    I hate it when people make comments about feeding in public, it can be done discreetly and comparing it to how people fed 50+ years ago is just silly. Mums are not always at home these days and therefore neither are the babies. For goodness sake, it's just a baby eating and it's not like there are not boobs on show left right and centre of the average city - in newspapers, billboards etc
  • grizzlechops - if she did make it up she could at least have been original, it's almost an identical story to the other woman's! Honestly, have a bit of imagination... :lol:
  • ladies, can i suggest that you give the sun/mail/mirror a wide birth.... These papers are designed to do this to people. They thrive on causing an uproar in a really unhelpful way.

    Ive fed my LO about a million times on the bus, tube, train, cafe, restaurant, park... never had any problems. Ignore those ignorant people who think there is somethign wrong and go about feeding your LO's!!

    Em x
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