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GC from DIO.

I've got a baby bjorn ready for the new arrival, however I was wondering if anyone can let me know about baby slings, like the moby. Are they better for new borns? Is it worth having both? Do you use them a lot?

Are there any risks with slings, - only i remember some being recalled in the US not too long ago.

BD xx


  • Hi Babydancer, I have a similar post in baby and pg re babyslings and had some v helpful replies. Good luck in your search, seems to be a minefield!! x
  • hiya- have tried 3 different carriers with my first and 2nd baby. Hated the baby bjorn style one, pulled on my shoulders. Hated the babasling, pulled on my neck aand shoulders- agony after 20 mins! LOVE the wilkinet, its a soft structured baby carrier which ties, VERY comfy can be used for newborns, has 4 different ways to carry until toddlerhood. It supports your baby in the right way and is easy to use once you get the hang of it and you're not covered in material.
    Try going to a slingmeet to have a go with different ones
  • things like the baby bjorn arnt good for lenghty times as baby dangles by its crotch!! (know as crotch danglers)

    mei tai slings are safe!

    i have been carrying hollie in my sling since she was 4 weeks old and now at 27lb and 15 months i still carry her. i also have back problems and cant feel her weight.
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