pregnant again? my lo is only 5 months

i just took a test and is showing i a this because i was pregnant 5 months ago or i am really pregnant? oh god i dont know how i will manage if i am


  • your pregnant hun...congrats x
  • oh my god - your pregnant!!!! just think your used to sleepless nights you will get them all out of the way!

    congrats xxx
  • Congratulations x x
  • Congratulations.

    My little boy had just gone 6 months when i found out i was expecting again. Then when i was 7 weeks i went for an early scan and it was twins lol, So i have 4 from the age of 4. Havin them close together has been fine
  • congratulations hunny.
    i'm sure all will turn out ok for you.
  • Aw congrats, you're definitely pregnant hun! I know what a huge shock it is as my daughter was 3 months old when I found I was pregnant again and I was in tears when I found out cos I thought I'd never cope. But I've just had my second daughter (she's 3 weeks and my eldest is 13 months) and though it's tiring I'm loving it. I know they'll be so close growing up. Everything's much easier with the 2nd lo as well as you've only recently been at that stage with your eldest so you know what you're doing.

  • Congratulations! sounds like your defo pregnant. in some ways it will be easier having them closer together....gets the sleepless nights and all the nappies out the way at roughly the same time. have a great pregnancy xx
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