Weaning - How do you get your LO to enjoy non-sweet foods?

Hi ladies,

As the title states, I am struggling to get my DS to eat non-sweet foods!! He is 6 months & 5 days & I'm loosley following the Annabel Karmel book as well as using the odd ella's pouch and am finding that now he won't eat food that hasn't got a sweet kick to it. Maybe it's my fault for introducing ella's pouches as they are all sweet.

Did all your fully weaned babies just take to savoury foods one day? I've been weaning for 2 weeks now and he is eating breakfast and lunch. Breakfast usually consists of creamy porride followed/mixed with fruit. Lunch is veg puree/ella pouch followed by a yoghurt/fromage frais/fruit puree.

Many thanks x


  • Just keep persevering! I had the opposite where Sam didn't like fruit or yoghurt but liked all veg. I posted about it and everyone said to just keep offering it, and lo and behold, a week or two later he started eating everything. It's still very early days so things he likes now are not necessarily what he'll like later on. Stick to sweet veg for a while maybe, like sweet potato or peas mixed with increasing amounts of other veg. I'm sure he'll get there eventually. xx
  • Thanks coco25,

    Yes I'll keep persevering with it. It's funny how he can't get his mouth wide enough for the desserts but for main, it's clamped shut!! xx
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