who's still in their maternity trousers???

I am!!!:cry: okay so charlie is only 10weeks but I stupidly thought i'd pop out lo and get straight back into my size 12's. I dont feel like i've put on a huge amount of wait as on top im still a size 10-12 but im gutted that i just cant get my jeans done up. They are tight around my thighs and i cant button them up as the button and button hole don't reach around my hips!!! i love my jeans (got about 30 pairs) and am determined to get back into them.

Anyone else feel the same? xx


  • i no how you feel hun i have like 15 16 pairsd of jeans and trousers i love and fort id be straught back into them but am still in my martenity trousers everyday i try to squeeze back into my non maternity jeans and everyday still no luck image so now im trying my best to get back into them !!! my lol is 10 weeks on tuesday so not far behind your little one !!!
  • glad to know its not just me then! Charlie is 10wks on sunday so its nice to know someone else around the same stage. will have to get on my wii fit/ family trainer.xx
  • yeah same everyone else i no hgad there baby alot before me or after only no one lady who had hers befpore me id lovce to have a wii fit but my brother took his wii back so didnt bother getting one looks like ill hgave to do alot more walkinbg eachday lol x x
  • I'm back in my pre preg jeans and was fairly quickly but i think that has to do with bf'ing, and the fact that i lost so much weight during pregnancy with hyperemesis! (I weighed less after birth than i did pre pregnancy). I do still wear my maternity trousers though as they're so blummin comfy!! image xx
  • Nope! I went staright back into my Pre Baby Jeans the day after having both of mine!! image

    I lost weight during both pregnancies too!

  • Never had to buy any maternity clothes. Im a chunky size 20-22 anyway and up until the final trimester I lost nearly 3 stone in wieght (through having a healthier diet and drinking more water). I am still in the same clothes Iv always had.

    LOL the Wii fit idea - didnt work for me as I never met my goals as I always seen to put an extra 2 lbs on??? It is so much funthough.

  • I'm in my a cpl pairs of my pre-pregnancy jeans so well chuffed!! Mind you, pp I was almost into 14's ...... my size 16 stretch jeans r what I wear currently - 18's r way too big and standard 16's are a little tight still.
  • I stupidly sold most of my mat clothes thinking I would soon slim back into normal clothes, but no I'm stuck with a tiny selection and can only fit into 1 pre-preg stretchy pair of jeans. Archie is 11wks...
  • your going to hate me but i gave birth on thursday night and was back in my jeans on the sunday when i came home from the hospital. i gave birth prem at 32+5 so didnt getting really huge and only put on a stone and lost it all after a week. now weigh half stone less than when i got pregnant and nine of my jeans fit anymore as they are too big but the next size down is too small
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