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u can apparently use baby wipes to remove even waterproof make up,as they are strong enough to do that but gentle enough not to irritate.I just read it yeasterday and found that really funny,never occured to me,tried it today with Huggies Pure and my face feeels a bit funny,tighter,but I suppose for emmergencies it might just do.LOL


  • yeah i've been doing it for years, my mums always done it lol x
  • Baby wipes r great for if you spill something on ur carpet. I had a party a few weeks back and some rose wine was spilt and the baby wipes got rid of it! amazing!! xxx
  • i have always used them for that but wouldnt use huggies as i tried them ages ago all all of the difrent ones but they do iritate my eyes and leave my skin feeling funny,
    but pamper, johnsons and even george at asdas one are all really good for make up removal.
    i use baby wipes for everything at the moment i have over 20 packets in a cubord lol x
  • And they clean leather sofas a treat!!
  • I've always done this, much cheaper than buying expensive make up remover wipes or cleansers. And they are gentler too. It is a bit worrying though when we use them on our babys skin. I should change to cotton wool ... for the wees anyway! xx
  • I never use them for my face but I do use them to clean my leather sofa and wipe marks off my wooden floor and they are brilliant.
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