is there anything i can do...? (not baby related)

hope you don't mind me posting this here, its just i feel at home in this forum! Well some of you may remember me posting about my brother being dumped by his fiance on boxing day after coming into our home xmas day and quite happily accepting all her gifts/money, etc..., there was no warning signs and my brother has still had no explanation as to why (we suspect thereis another bloke). the problem is it is tearing my bro apart and i just don't know what 2do. He was contacting her loads and she called the police on him, they were really nice to him but have said he nor any family can make any contact with her. All he wants are some answers so he can move on, he's been signed off work with depression and is being referred for counselling, my biggest fear is he's gonna do something silly as he e-mailed some his friends a 'goodbye' message, we are now watching him like a hawk. I soooo want to contact the bitch and let her know what i think of her but obviously can't but my it makes my blood boil to think she's getting away with ruining my brothers life - i hate her!


  • Oh poop, I'm sure nothing will help but hopefully your brother will feel better soon.
    Tell him there will be someone out there waiting to meet a guy like him!
  • i think you are pretty much doing everything you should for him! you sound like a great, supportive family, and she sounds like an horrid girl who has taken you all for a ride!

    just keep letting him know you are there for him!
  • its just sooo frustrating - i want to contact her but i know i can't!
  • no there was no injunction just a warning.x
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