how to get baby to sleep

I feel that my 19day old doesn't sleep much. Since 11.25pm lastnite she has only had 4.5hrs, and been awake since 4.45am

Any tips on how to get my baby tired so she will sleep. She has been feeding constantly and this hasn't worked.


  • Hi

    Some babies just don't sleep much. Mine sometimes would be up at 4 and not sleep until bedtime! He got better at sleeping in the day at around 14 weeks.

    If you are breastfeeding, watch your caffeine intake because this can stay in lo's system for up to three days.

    Otherwise a ride in the car or pram will sometimes help them sleep. As long as she is happy, she is probably ok. You could try giving her some downtime in a bouncy chair or swing?
  • i had to start swaddling dd to get her to sleep, i found that if she was droppibg off her sarms woould twitch and wake her up.

    i tried to keep her up in the day so that she would sleep at night but this made things worse.

  • thank you for your replies - really good ideas.

    gosh tyger - 4am till bedtime - how did you manage?

    do you think your body gets use to lack of sleep then?
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