The Cry Factor

oh dear oh dear whats going on with the xfactor?! they're all crying!! did anyone actually hear Eoghan sing or was it just the backing singers?? howwww awful was he!!! x


  • that bloody hand on diana!!
  • i know. i am sick of them crying. alex was AMAZING!! ruth was really really good xxx
  • wow diana was just FANTASTIC! i loved that!! x
  • i cant stand diana, i think she's crap. she talks half of the song and screeches the other half like a cat. she's not remotely in tune! alex was absolutely tremendous. i will eat my own legs off if she doesnt win!
  • wats she doing miley whats her name she cant dance to save her life lol
  • she's bloody awful...did anyone watch harry hills tv burp before xfactor when he was takin the piss outta eoghan? lol x
  • lol yes jenny love my saturdays always start with youve been framed , then harry hill, x factor and hopefully jungle is on tonight.
  • the audience with take that is on my birthday so i'm well pleased cuz i'm on my own all day and night so i've got something good to look forward to lol x
  • ruth to go tonight !! really, really irritating. everything about her pisses me off image if it was based on talent then alex should win.
  • I wasn't impressed by any of them tonight! I do think though that Alexandra deserves to win.

    I did like Diana but she doesn't 'perform' as well as any of the others. I like her singing but she is totally stuck to the spot!
  • Alexandra really impressed me tonight and I burst into tears when she finished!

    My house is currently full of testesterone and they just laughed at me!

    The irish lad should be kicked off purely for "singing" a song from bloody HSM!
  • I agree Alexandra is amazing, second only to Leona imo. She has to win...theres something sadly wrong if she doesn't!!

    mrsjboune, that is so sad that your on your own all day on your birthday!!!!

  • i know, boo hoo! well, i say on my own, it's me and JJ all day! my first bday as a mummy image
  • Aww hunni, I hope you have a good day with your lil man! If I was near you I'd come round with a bottle of bubbly and a big slab of cake lol!
  • thanks hun, if i was minted i'd get a BE bus and get everyone in one place for a big party! yay lol x
  • You will have to have a BE online party - any excuse for a drink and too much food lol
  • Yay, lets have an online party n your b'day!!!
  • Lol I was peeing myself laughing at Harry Hill. Have been saying to hubby since it started why is he doing those stupid teeth grit faces, lol. Love Harry Hill. I hope JLS win, think they are fab. Can't stand Diana and that silly hand to chest, hand held out, hand flapping all over the place thing. And the crazy barefoot walk thing (walk afew paces slowly, afew quick....slow. Grrr)

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