Did anyone's baby's growth slow down during pg?

Im from the pg forum and had a growth scan today and baby's growth seems to have slowed down - in that it isn't growing as much since my last scan at 28wks? Albeit, the weight is 3lbs and 15 ounces.

Did any of you have a similar thing when you were pg but it corrected itself or had to have an emergency carcesain (sp) and baby was healthy?




  • Hi susan, my lo's weight slowed down during the last trimester. He was always estimated above average weight but it seemed to slow quite a bit towards the end and he was an healthy average. Did the midwives seemed concerned at all. If not hopefully you can be reassured that all's ok. x
  • hi there , did ure midwife say this is ok , i havnt experienced this but im sure the baby's growth shouldnt slow down and if it does they should be monitering u closley , dont quote me on this but i would just speak to ure midwife to check the rules are different everywhere too eh xxxx
  • hi sevans

    it is agreed that babies can have growth spurts, and quieter times - as long as overall your baby is consistent, dont be too concerned.

    you should have a graph in your notes that correlates to you - have a look on that chart, and see where the growth plots - as long as it is between the top (90th centile), and bottom (10th centile), your babe should be ok.

    off the top of my head, a 4lb baby at 32+ weeks isnt a bad size!!

    as for a caesarian section - even small babies can be induced, and you can still have a normal delivery
  • hi, my lo was 2lb at 26 weeks so it sounds ok, but as queenbee said im not sure how accurate they are xx
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