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OMG i am ripping my hair out...Alfie has now decided at 9 1/2months he needs to sleep on his side needless to say i've been up every hour last night to give him his dummy and turn him over! he sleeps in a sleep pod which is restricting his movements when going to sleep. He's a lot more tiwsty at nap times too whilst he trying to get comfortable even though he goes down with no blanket...guess i'm just hoping some of you have been through the same and will tell me it does get better OR you have some tips as to what i can do to make things easier because i can't go on like this!

He used to be so good sleeping right through with no disruptions and went straight down at nap times but this past week has been awful and i am knackered especially now i'm back at work...HELP! x x


  • Ooh... What is a sleep pod?
    Eoin went through a stage of sleeping on his side at about 5 months old, but didnt cause any bother to him...then he started sleeping on front at 6mths and has done ever since.
    How does Alfie normally sleep, on back?
    Sorry Im not much help xxx
  • i always put wade to sleep on his side from day 1 i was always worried he would choke if he threw up. but from about 2half months he rolled onto his back all time but now at 4month he turns from side to back to side all time. the only problem i have is when he rolls on his front then he crys.
  • Why do you need to turn him back - does he wake up?
    Charlotte (11 months tomorrow) likes to sleep on her side and she will roll onto her back again if she wants to no problems.
    What is this sleep pod? Charlotte is in a sleeping bag so she can move around as much as she likes.
    Babies will move around in their sleep, you can't stop them. Charlotte is having a nap now sideways in her cot but I don't move her (unless it's bedtime).
    I would leave him be unless he's waking and uncomfortable.
  • why dont u try taking the dummy off him now??
  • Sometimes Gabe likes to sleep on his side & thats fine. I let him sleep where he likes and would never be up to move him or check him god no lol!! Prefer my sleep. I really wouldn't worry. xx
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