does anyone know if you have to use a carseat in a taxi?

I have to get a taxi on wed for sams appointments and Im worrying incase I need to take the carseat, its like a 10 min drive away. I have trouble fitting the carseat by myself and im worrying im gonna look like a fool lol. does anyone know if the law requires a child to be in a carseat or sitting on my lap ok? hes 13 months old and we are in edinburgh. Its not a black cab its just a normal car or it could be like a mini bus - they vary lol thanks ladies xxx


  • not sure about carseat but you can get taxis for use of wheelchair users and you can get straight on taxi with your buggy. We did this when we went to my cousins wedding and was so simple! That might be an option
  • no u dont need a carseat hun cuz it's classed as 'at ur own risk' when a taxi is concerned x
  • The law says that in a taxi he is allowed to travel without a seat but if I were you I would take the seat if you can, I'm sure the taxi driver would help you with it. If you don't take the seat then please don't sit him on your knee inside your seat belt as this is one of the most dangerous things you can do. He would be better sat next to you on the seat.
  • Just another thought, might be worth seeing if the taxi company can supply a seat, some times the can, then you wouldn't have to worry about fitting it.
  • Oh's dad is a taxi driver. You don't need to use one, but I would just incase, like emmalou85 says there are some nutters out there, and you cant be too careful!

  • Hi there
    Sorry just sneaked over from the ttc forum
    Anyways i'm a Taxi controller and in our district you HAVE to have a car seat for a baby or small child.
    I'm not sure if its the same for all areas,but in our council taxi laws (my oh's a cabbie) it states that they have to use a car seat when trasnporting young children.
    Most Taxi drivers i know just wouldnt allow a child to sit on parents knees or anything,its too dangerous.
    Some taxi companys will supply a car seat which are usually readily available in the office
    If i was you i'd call the cab firm your gonna use and ask for their opinion and they should know the score,but dont be surprised if the cabbie wont let you not use a car seat.
    If it does take a whilefor you to put in your own car seat why not book the taxi a bit earlier then you would normallyto allow for the tie.
    Hope this helps.

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  • hi sry to gate crash, but thought u might find this helpful.

    the general gist of it is that if it is a one off occasion then the child may travel without a car seat if in the back of the car. so if its a one off journey it's fine but if its gonna be regular (ie school runs) then u do have to supply a carseat.


  • thanks for your replies ladies, i will phone the taxi people on monday and see what they say. carrying around a toddler and a heavy car seat doesnt sound like much fun so maybe they have something i can use?
  • just popping in from pregnancy fourm and no you dont need one in a taxi, i asked my dad this the other day as he is the person who licences (and takes them away) from taxis for our area and is also an ex policeman.

    personally i would use a car seat. better to be safe than sorry
  • No you don't - I have taken Gabe in taxi without carseat before...he was about 10 weeks old and yes I did sit him on my lap, I just assumed that was safer NO idea why!

    However when we have been on a minibus (often do for family nights out etc or when we went to the airport) we do take the car seat as they preferred us to have 1 and as we have a travel system it was much easier x
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