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what if anything do u think brought on your labour?



  • I was 5 days over with high BP so they FINALLY agreed to induce me, gave me a pessary at 7.15pm and waters broke at midnight on the dot

    so defo pessary for me

    prior to that we tried everything - sex, curry, scrubbed floors, went for 2mile walk over sand dunes, hot bath......nothing!!
  • Nothing LoL i tried everything too i think babies just come wen their ready ,
    i was actually out wit my dog wen my waters went (but i go out every day wit her) i was 41+5
    however she still didnt want to come then 32 hour labour ended in a emergency c section
  • not a blooming thing, 1st 2 children were early, did everything possible with 3rd including the dreaded castor oil, 4 sweeps, a whole pineapple everyday, enough raspberry leaf tea to sink a ship, the obligatory sex and currys and nothing! Not a sausage, in the end she came in her own time 10 days late, grrr.

    h xx
  • with dd1, i had a really spicy veg pasty when i was 9 days over and she was born the nxt day, with dd2 i had about a ltr of sainsburys pineapple juice and she was born the nxt day 3 days early.
    good luck image
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