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Mamas and Papas currently have the Elfie and Mop Bubble Bouncer on for ??20.
Just wondered if anyone has used this one, what they thought of it.
am a little bit confused by the fact it requires batteries, the only time i have experience of baby bouncers was the very simple one my little sister had 10 years ago!

i literally just want a super simple one that you put baby in and mum bounces it for baby, i dont want one that plays music or does a million complicated things.

am hoping this one will be it.
just wondered if anyone else had tried it.


Cylie 24+3


  • I have a mama's and papa's one that is similar, and its fine! It vibrates which helps soothe baby when they are tiny. My lo is nearly 6 months, and doesnt use his much any more, but it was handy when he was smaller, i carried him round the house whilst i cleaned, etc.
  • ah sod it, have ordered it
    for the sake of ??19.95 (had a ??5 gift card they sent with the new catalogue, so delivery was essentially free)
    am sure it'l be fine. biggest thing i have bought for baby other than the pram!
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