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Charlotte is standing loads on her own now. Plus she will walk from me to the sofa and back again (with encouragement).

Anyway - tonight before bed she was trying to stand up on her own without any help from us or furniture, but she's not quite able to do it yet. Then she stood up against our armchair, then without any encouragement or help she just walked across the room to the sofa!! Then she did it again!

And she loved doing it too xx


  • Yay!! Well done Charlotte!! Nice to see a positive post too - you must be very proud and rightly so!!
  • YAY well done Charlotte. Gabe is walking properly now too!! It's great isnt it! xxxxx
  • Oh well done Charlotte. Now she's done it there will be no stopping her. Clever girl. S x
  • Way to go Charlotte!!

    You must be so proud of her! She'll be running before you know it x
  • fabulous stuff! Soon she'll be running and you'll be regretting her ever starting :lol:

  • It's great to see her walking - it's still a wobbly walk and so cute to watch.

    She had a bit of a tumble this morning though. She stood against her toy box then let go but lost balance. She smacked the side of her face against the lid and now has a bruise. Oh well it comes with the territory.
  • whoo hoo go charlotte!!! bless her she must be so pleased with herself!! she is gonna have sooo many little bumps and bruises now !
  • yey well done Charlotte xx
  • Fab news!Well done Charlotte xxx
  • Well I know my little madam can walk on her own cos I was spying on her this morning and she was walking across the room. Think she still chooses to crawl cos it's easier. She also walked across the room to me and laughed all the way!
  • Sorry...also meant to say well done Gabe!! Didn't know he was walking on his own, thought he had started crawling??!! He likes to keep you guessing obviously! xx
  • Yeah he is!! He can crawl (mainly commando crawling) but doesn't like it and only does it when he has to (to be able to pull himself up on sofa or to get to dvd player lol).

    He has been taking un aided steps for months but only just started to walk across the room & sooo much more confident now. xx
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