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Anyone use good-night milk?

If so do you actually find it does settle your lo better at night and helps them sleep better? Or is it just a gimmick?!!

Just put Charlotte onto C&G follow on milk. She used to have SMA Gold & then White at bed-time (hv told me to do this before she was weaned as she was getting unsettled at night). The White did seem to work although as now teething she is again unsettled but not too bad. She did wake up at 5.30 this morning though which was not good but she did eventually settle off again until about 7am.

Don't want to still give her SMA at bed-time in case it upsets her tummy being on 2 brands of milk.

Is the bed-time milk quite thick & creamy? And did you find it gave your lo any constipation?
I assume using fast flow teats are ok with this milk (although I have seen Tommee Tippee advertise teats for this sort of milk - hole is shaped like a Y instead of just a hole).

Not sure whether to buy the good-night milk so your opinions on it would be good to hear! xx


  • i have used hipp organic good night milk for over a month and i think its brill! harri started waking in the night again after sleeping threw for months! so i tried it nad it worked the first night we used it,,he slept threw again!
    would highly recomend it.
    however i tried the c&g one and it made no difference at all, its not as filling as the hipp one.
    be aware if you are using avent bottles, you will need the thicker liquid teats, with the massive hole!

    p.s its very thick and creamy, we had no constipation and it should be fine with her being on 2 different milks as its only different for bed time.

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  • I use Tommee Tippee bottles and now size 3 teats, although I don't think they are much better/bigger than the size 2 ones.

    By the way Sunnymum, wore my new D&G shoes yesterday for a walk to the park. They felt really comfy when I wore them in the store but halfway to the park they hurt like hell! Now got 2 blisters that have popped on back of heel and really sore!!!! Bugger! I always have problems with shoes! :cry:
  • We use the c&g g.night milk and jayden loves it. It is nice and thick as its cereal based. We use avent bottles and find the milk is fine in no.4 teats. Anything less and the milk wont come through.
  • Thanks Sammy&Jayden. If it is thick then I might have to get the new TT bed-time milk teats as I don't think the TT size 3 teats are that big (or maybe I've been ripped off - lol)!!

    I might just give it a try & see what happens. Got a voucher for money off as well.
  • Definately worth a go then!! Its not cheap but i wouldnt go back to using normal milk for night time x
  • My little boy hates it!

    He is 8 months on Wednesday and iv tried it a few times and he purses his lips together and will not let the bottle in if it contains Goodnight milk!!

    He is is Cow and Gate hungry baby through the day, only 3 6oz bottles now he has three meals a day and will happily have cows milk on his cereal! Im not sure if its because it needs to be given warm?? he has all his feeds at room temp but has hot food?? and I havent found a food he has refused yet.... Iv given up now!

  • I'm not sure if its the same with other milks, but Aptamil hungry baby milk is exactly the same mix of formula as aptimil follow on milk (with the follow on milk also having the added vitamins and minerals) so with aptamil at least if you are using follow on milk then you don't need to use the hungry baby milk at nighttime.

    This was told to me by the aptamil care line - so once we've run out of the hungry baby milk we use at nighttime then we'll just give cole follow on milk instead.

    Dunno about any other types of formula though as I've only used aptimil but it might be worth giving them a call direct and checking
  • Where did you get the TT night time teats please!? Have changed to Hipp bedtime milk on a size 3 teat and Maddy is getting really fed up a she cant get the milk through quick enough! I had a try and I thought my head was going to burst, I had to suck that hard!
  • I wanted to be different and post a different

    I think they are a waste of time... I think they are gimmick.. what did we do a few years ago before they were invented!!!!

    Sorry wanted to break the trend hehehehehe and they probably are real good please dont be offended by this it is just my view x x x x
  • i got sachet of the hipp organic bedtime milk but i havent put josh on it. where can can you get the tin of it from?

  • I've seen it in Tesco
  • If anybody comes on here asking for what teats to use for bedtime milk..

    If you have a baby that will take most teats, the best option would be the boots own make bottles, with a 6+ teat.. This is the bottle i have used for all formulas.

    It works with first milk, follow on, comfort, reflux and bedtime milk, it is great If you have a newborn on this transition from your current bottle, if you are giving thicker milk, its the only bottle that actually works

  • Iv had my wee boy off milk since he was 6 months old. Just because he didn't want it. I ended up trying every brand boots had but now hes 13 months old and in a good routine the lAst day or to at bedtime been unsettled so might have to introduce him to milk again

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