Northern Ireland ladies....

after reading the post in meetin BE members i saw a few of us are from NI, where are you all from? im from Dungannon and have been on BE through pregnancy, ttc, lttc, pregnancy and baby again! a long time member for over 3 years now!


  • u took the words ouutta my mouth,was gonna do this post later lol.

    I'm Jayne, I'm 26 & live in belfast, but am orginally a country girl from ballyclare. I joined BE when I became pg. I'm now a very happy mummy to Rhea who is 13 weeks old.

    Jayne xx
  • Hi Girls!

    I'm from Derry, been on here since Sept 2008 through ttc, pregnancy and baby, couldn't have got through without all these lovely girls!! I now have a lovely dd who just turned 8 months on Tuesday.
  • bump, for the other ladies xxx
  • Hi, me too. I'm from Lower Ballinderry which is outside lisburn, very much in the country!
    I have a 4.5 yr old dd and Harry who is 4 months. I only found this site when pg with Harry and lurked for a while before joining! I do wish I'd have known about it sooner.
  • there seems to be a few of us NI ladies on here!!! I thought I was one of the only ones for ages!
  • Im also from Derry and 30 years old and have been on this site from Sept 2007 although I am mostly on Toddler Forum as my daughter is 2 years 9 months now. I do still come on here for a nosey though lol. I will be back on this site again at some point.
  • JungleJayne, what date was your lo born? my daughter is also 13 weeks old and was born the 23rd March?
    I know of at least 3 more NI ladies on here but they dont post often in baby forum. Louise, long time no speak! How is Kara? (do you remember me? i changed my username from ~Diane~ when i got pregnant with my dd2! how is she now with her diabeties? x
  • Oh I remember your user name when it was ~Diane~!!

    Hey Louise, wherabouts in Derry are you? I'm Roslyn, I'm 29 next month. DD is Olivia and is 8 months xxx
  • no2bump, she was born on 26th March, so ur lo is 3 days older image I was due on the 2nd April but decided to pop along a week early. I usually hang about BIA as I have got used to all the ladies from there from pg.
  • junglejayne - my mum is from Ballyclare and my gran still lives there! I have just booked to go over to see her in August x
  • lol I went to school in Ballyclare, I live in glengormley just outside belfast, Im 28 have a 5 year old and an almost 17 week old (both boys)

    good post DIane xx
  • Which school did you go to Moonbean?

    Ellie-May79 - sorry just seen that you are living just outside Ballyclare as well!

    I can't believe that there are 4 people on here who have a connection to good old Ballyclare lol

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  • That is so weird, so for u girls saying they are just from outside ballyclare I lived in doagh. Anyone else?? Which school in ballyclare did u go too? I'm a Blair & my uncle owns the accident place in doagh. Went to gb in ballyclare Methodist & used to get very drunk in the ballyboe when it was good lol
  • Hey girls i'm Lauren & I have Ellie-Mai who is 2 & we live in Belfast. Can't really connect myself with Ballyclare but my boyfriend lives in Templepatrick so it'a kinda close lol xx
  • That is close lauren lol. Although I live in Belfast now too!!
  • Should really be called a ballyclare post. I have some relatives and friends in ballyclare and friends in doagh. Small world eh?
    My name is Erica by the way.
  • It always seems to be a ni thing, everyone seems to have a connection to everyone here lol. My bil was at a family wedding in a remote part of India & bumped into a guy he went to school with!! Very small world!

    Jayne xx
  • Hi G/C crash from due in August.

    I'm not on the baby forum yet but will be in a few short weeks! My name's Faith, I'm from Belfast and am expecting my first baby on 7th August.
  • Lol Jayne - just shows you how much of a small world it is, ESP for over here. We were in Florida last year and ended up meeting people my in laws knew while we were in a restaurant. Just noticed their accent and got talking.
    Hi Faith, hope all going well with ur pg
    Erica xx
  • no2bump. Yes I remember you. Kara is doing good. She is getting an Insulin Pump tomororw morning which means no more injections and not as strict a routine which will be fantastic for her and for us. How are your 2 girls now?

    Rosapenny - I am living in Greysteel now but I am from Derry. I hope to be moving back there within the year. Going to put my house up for sale soon.
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