I know it's a bit early...

but to spread the cost of christmas I have started buying presents now! Im looking for ideas what I can buy my little girl for her first christmas. She'll only be 4 months!

Becky and Eve!


  • My LO will be 6 months by Christmas, so what I've been doing is looking for toys that are for 6 months +, so obviously she wouldn't be able to have them before that anyway, if you see what I mean?
  • I'm starting to buy too!

    My lo is nearly 5 months and he currently like any toys with different textures and ones that squeak and make a noise!

  • Jumperoo!!!!!!!!!
  • i've already started getting xmas presents, ds's main prezzie arrived two weeks ago. i'm due baby no2 on 9th december so another reason why i can't leave the xmas shopping til later on, but i ahve no idea what i'm supposed to get her? i want to get her something, but we already ahve all toys, playmat, bouncer etc from ds so i'm a bit stumped...what do u get an newborn for xmas? she could eb anything between 5weeks to 3 days old on xmas day...

  • I'd recommend getting a few things suitable from 6 months plus, even though she might not be able to use them yet, she won't know that, and once you've opened them you can put them away until she can - otherwise she doesn't really have another 'present opportunity' (sorry can't think of a better way to put it) til her first birthday.

    I like ELC, and their website has a gift finder facility, so if you put her age and a price range in it'll make suggestions.
  • I may get daggers for this one lol but what about a musical set? Tesco do a set which all goes in a drum (you screw the top off) and inside there is a tambourine and a rattle ect and you have the drum! ELC do loads of little musical instruments too! When ds was 4m he loved hitting things and rattling around.

    You could also get a walker, but one that you can take the front off of so she can play with that at first then graduate to the actual walker when she's ready.

    Jellycat do lovely plush teddies too that are so soft! You can get them in gap and john lewis and my ds used his White teddy bear as his comforter as it's just the right size! (they do him in 3 sizes

    oh oh and a minnie mouse 'clubhouse' doll that does the hotdog dance! My ds was so entruiged by it when we went into the Disney store!

    Hope that helps!
  • dont worry, i have Olivia's pressies all bought. I highly recommend a play gym if you dont have one
  • haven't a thing bought but i'm the womand you always see 3 nights before christmas with more bags than she can hold onto lol
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