Persistent cough

My LO who is 9 months old, has had a cold on and off for months (since April!), and also a cough that just won't go away. It was quite chesty at one point, but is now quite dry. Sometimes he coughs so much that he's sick! I have been to the doctor four times about it, had antibiotics twice when it was chesty, but when it's dry they dismiss it and say it'll clear up eventually. They did mention it could be an allergy to our cats? Having stupidly done some googling I'm now thinking it could be asthma :\(

Anyone's else LO have a persistent cough? Did you find any way of getting rid of it?


  • I don't think they can fully conclude its asthma until they are 2, my cousin was diagnosed under 1 has been on medication since, docs have blamed everything on it, she was tested last week (she's 15) and doesn't have it!!! And they said she never has.

    Are you allergic to cats? I'd ask them to test for allergies. E tends to cough and be sick when teething as she swallows her drool instead of dribbling.

    Mothers instinct counts for so much and stop googling!!! Hope you get it sorted.

  • yes coco, my lo has been coughing and having a runny nose off and on for over 5 weeks now. It started in Australia and we put it down to a form of hayfever allergy, especially as i was also suffering. But it didn't stop when we came back. I took her to doctor and was told it may be a cold and that there was nothing could do (i know you can't treat a cold as its a virus) we checked her ears and chest and no sign of bactrial infection....its just persisting.
    It is causing her to wake at night and combined with her teething making her quite miserable on some days.
    She has never had a fever with it and i just want it to go now.

  • My 14 week old has had a cough since 5 weeks. He's even been admitted to hospital as at 1 point he wasn't keeping any milk down at all with it. He goes a purpley blue colour when it's at it's worst and it's horrible. We've seen 3 different gp's over it, been given antibiotics and eventually told it was just viral and it would clear in it's own time.

  • My 9 month old boy, Ben was the same.
    I went to the doctors as he had cold sfor a while, the doctor said that as it has been over 5 weeks it was unlikely to still be a cold, probably hayfever (runs in my family). She cave me piriton (2mls) to be given before bed. The first few night it didn't really seem to do much but I have actually noticed a big difference now. Ben is so much clearer at night.

    She did say it could be athsma as well but no medication was needed and it couldn't be diagnosed properly until 1-2 anyway.
    I did have athsma when little though and I think docs tend to say these things run in families - really annoying though as I ebf for the first six months!!

    Good luck, hope your little boy feels happier soon x
  • we have got it too! 7months and took her to the doctors today, he said possibly the excess saliva from teething or possible athsma/ dog allergy but until they are older we dont know! he said they will have about 4 coughs a year and nothing to worry about!!
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