is it just my child who wont drink from a baby cup.

my little boy is 8months and he refuses to drink eg water, juice etc for a baby no spills becker. he should be know shouldnt he. any tips on how to try and get him to do it?


  • Have you tried just a plain, basic free-flow beaker? Sometimes the non-spill ones are hard to get the hang of. x x
  • Harrison wont always drink from a beaker either, he likes it in a bottle (naughty i know) but also likes to drink from a class! lol!
  • I agree try the free flow ones. My lo has the tomee tippee one and took to it straight away! xx
  • yea we have a tommee tippee one aswel but seems to be lazy with it. he knows its not his bottle and loves it in his bottle, but im trying not to give him juice now in a bottle as i want him to learn
  • Yeah tiger lily Grace has a Tomee Tippee one and took to hers straight away my mil is a health visitor and said the free flowing ones are much better for los cant remember y???
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