question for all that are weaning

can u tell me do ur lo's turn there nose up at everything u try new on them?
do u keep trying them with that food or u give up a go back to what they like?
wade seems to hate anything that is veg related he likes his baby rice's i give him
but they are fruit flavoured i tried him on a jar today which i really don't want to do,
which was chicken rice and veg and again he turned his nose up at it. should i keep trying
him with these foods?


  • If Gabe doesn't eat something that I know he's had before and likes I tend not to offer anything else (mean mummy). It's weird as sometimes he eats a certain food great and then refuses it next time - or hates something but then we try it again and he loves it??
    I HATE weaning it is such a pain. Next time I am waiting until 6 months just for the laziness! xx
  • I would offer it another time. You dont want your lo to turn into a fussy eater.
    I will give my daughter food. If she refuses to eat it, I dont fetch something else to offer her. Ill wait a min they reoffer her. If its not warm enough she wont eat it, If he has a sweet tooth, have you tried him with sweet pot and some veg like carrots +leeks? my daughter loves this. xxx
  • i tried him just sweet potato nothing else cause got told to try only 1 thing at a time but he turned his nose up. i have made up sweet potato cubes and pear cubes and cauliflower cubes and i will do carrots and bocoili later . so think it will be ok to try a couple combinations on him ? m y freezer is full of cubes for wade image
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  • Try adding a spoonfull or two of the veg puree to the baby rice, so it is not so strong and has some of the taste and texture that he is used too. I am not sure what you have tried - carrot, parsnip and other roots are good because they are naturally quite sweet.

    If he doesn't like it, just try it again in about 5 days.
  • PS - annabel karmel's baby and toddler meal planner is an excellent guide for weaning if you want to read up
  • What i've started doing with Louise is giving her 4 'food sittings' a day.

    For breakfast she'll have porridge and a stick of toast after.

    Then at lunch she'll have a puree that I dont mind how much she eats of and fingers foods - bread, cucumber etc.

    Then at 4pm she'll have a puree only. If she doesn't eat it thenshe wont get offered anything else.

    Then at 6.15/30ish she'll have finger foods I know she likes so that I know she's had something before bedtime.

    I started doing this because she stopped wanting any spoon food, just finger food or the spoon herself - she's 6 months in a few days so not ideal for her to spoon feed herself! And then she's had opportunities to have what she wants and what I want her to have!

    She has turned her nose up at food lot of times, ans still eaten it!

    I think it can take a baby 15 times to try something and like it!

    I would try him on other foods to see if you can find a favourite but do go back to foods he didn't like too.

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