Bloody Hell!!!! Why????

I've just had a call from a friend in the village where i used to live before moving in with OH. One of the ladies who used to come to my pub has been attacked this morning! Attempted murder apparantly. She is in hospital and is apparantly in a bad way.
I cant think of who could have done this - i didn't know if she was with someone or not but she always came in with another lady. She's only 36!
Its a tiny little village for gods sake! Population of about 100 people if that, many of them old, not many of them my age, which is why I cant work out who it was - unless it was someone she met since i moved away...
I just cant get my head round it. It was only last weekend we called back to a friends house in the village and into the pub I used to have, and it was all so familiar and quiet.....

ITs so scary thinking that these things can even happen when you say' they dont happen round here'... i used to leave the back door of the pub (to the private accomodation) open sometimes if i was just calling somewhere.... you could almost set your clock by the times people did things....

I'm shocked.


  • That's terrible...i really hope she recovers and they find the person responsible!!!
    My dad was attacked a few years ago, basically a bunch of chavs hit and kicked him over. He had to have stitches in his head.
    Its horrible isnt it.
  • Flippin' heck I hope she's ok.
    We live in a very sad and often scary society these days. I worry for Alf now let alone what it will be like when he's 15/16 years old going out with his mates. Am sure they get the person who did it.
    My bil was attacked 4 years ago while out with his oh and glassed. Again, a group of blokes pissed up and wanted to feel big and clever. xx
  • They have a man in custody - they say its a domestic turned bad. I didnt even know she had been seeing someone, and yet they have a child as well!

    She is stable but not awake yet.

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