advise needed on a red bum

hi girls
Wade has devloped a red rash round his bum hole and inside of his legs i change him regular
but i changed his wipes to a cheap shop brand about 3days ago do u thing its this or i started
giving him his 1st baby rice and this is why this has come on any advise on best creams or home
remieds my mum said egg whites anyone else heard of this?
help i don't like seeing his little bum sore :cry:


  • One thing I would suggest is using cotton wool and cooled boiled water instead of wipes and makesure he is dry before puitting nappy on. this will help prevent any infection. Also give his bottom some air time.

  • i gave his bum some air time today i do the boiled water thing too thanks x
  • l always use Bepanten as a preventive thing, as it creates a barrier on the bum - thus far even with the very sour teething poos Hugo's bum has no rash!

    Ans I use huggies wipes in the green/red package.
  • I'm with Lara, metanium is amazing! Both of mine had/have really sore bums when teething and it's the only thing that works for them!!
  • We use cotton wool and warm water when either of our LO's get red bums!! Use sudo creme too, and we find that good.

  • i agree metanium is amazing!! I used bapanthen once and although it was good it wasn't a patch on metanium. Hope it clears up soon xxx
  • metanium is brill, when david was in hosp on strong intravenous anti biotics he got very bad nappy rash and they prescribed it. IT WORKS WONDERS!!!
  • id also reccommend metanium its fab,sudocrem only acts as a barrier really id def give it a go xx
  • i use sudocreme at the first sight of a bit of redness and it works brill. boiled water and cotton wool is kindest to the skin, but wont help if LO has already got nappy rash. i use huggies wipes as they are kind on the skin, my LO seems to get on well with them

    id say that changin the wipes has probably triggered it off as babies skin dont like change, speak to your GP of HV if it doesnt clear up in a couple of days
  • hi girls i actually found that metanium cream out here didn't think i would so i've put it on his bum this morning hope it wrks thanks alot girls for all the advise.
    gio xxx
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