Teething and cutting first tooth?

(sorry if this is a double post, cant find the first one, think BE ate it!!)
At what age did your LO's first start teething and when did they cut their first teeth? My LO is 12 weeks and definitely teething, just want to know how long it will be before we see some light at the end of th tunnel!


  • Hmvdb is right, it's a long old tunnel! Some lo's suffer dreadfully when they're teething and others don't, some have teeth through early and some suffer for months before they come through. My lo is 9 months, she had her first bottom two teeth through at 7 months and has had nothing since, she's been really grumpy this week so I wouldn't be surprised if something was brewing! xx
  • Thanks ladies! Poor little monkeys! They have a tough old time of it in the first few years dont they? I just hate her looking at me when she is in pain, like she is begging me to fix it and her just not understanding where it all comes from! Bless her little heart! They better be a beautiful set of pearly whites at the end of this LOOOOOOONG tunnel!!
    Thanks again x x
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