Help with teething pain please asap!

Hi all

Really need some help with my LO's teething pain its awful i have been using Anbesol liquid and either calpol or nurofen to help her but she wakes up in the night in a right state several times and gets herself all worked up.

Is there anything else i can use

Cazz (one v tired mummy!)


  • I don't know what Anbesol has in it, but if Nurofen is ibuprofen based she can have that as well as calpol.

    Try a cooled flannel, my LO used to love chewing on one. Bonjela or Calgel is good as well to rub on gums.

    Have you tried a gum massager? They're quite good.

  • Hi Garfield

    Thanks for replying

    Have tried bonjela and calgel but she licks it off so in that respect the anbesol is better.

    Not tried a gum massager - can i ask what it is (sorry having a blond day!!!)

  • Its like a thimble made out of rubber with little bobbles on it, if you can imagine what one looks like?! They look like a doggie toothbrush :lol:

    It really used to soothe my LO when she was bad.

    What teeth is she gettin through? How old is she?

    Its such a horrible time for them isn't it image

  • Hi she is 6.5 months and its the two bottom ones seems like its been going on forver had about 6 hours sleep in the past 3 nights.

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