Hi, hope all your LO's are well.

I'm going to be using a neighbour as my childminder, she is well known by us and everyone in the close, and she has worked in childcare for 10+ years (at a nursery) and has just decided to become a childminder in her own home....bonus for us dropping lo off every morning, and saves us the hassle of having to search for one.

The reason for my post....what should we expect from a childminder for the fee we will be paying, i.e. food, nappies, pram/buggy, car seat etc?? Is there a bear minimum that they should provide or is it individual rules? :\?

Thanks in advance for your help



  • Hi its all individuals rules. I personally have carseats and will provide snacks and lunch but will charge a tiny bit for a main evening meal. I also would like the parents to bring nappies/wipes ect with them as every child could wear different ones!
    As for trips out, I am lucky that I hold annual passes for myslef and any child under 3 gets in free, other than these places we will be visiting the sure start centers and the toddler groups which only cost ??1 so I wouldnt be asking a fee for these. If i wanted to do a bigger trip somewhere which did cost I would ofcourse ask parents permission firstly and also a contribution towards the cost, just as they do at most nurserys x
  • Im a childminder and have also used one. We all vary but i would say as more or less standard, send a bag with spare clothes, nappies and wipes. Sometimes lunch and dinner, but they do usually provide snacks and juice.

    Just ask her what she prefers, the fact she has just started suggests she wont have hard and fast rules

    Gemm x
  • I think it's down to the individual.

    With our childminder, we supply nappies, wipes and spare clothes. I send a bottle of suncream with her on sunny days too, but on the few days I have forgetten the childminder has just used her own no questions asked.

    My childminder supplies all 3 meals and snacks, beaker, pram and car seat. She has slightly older kids of her own though, so just happens to have enough of the right equipment for my LO to use.
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