A bargain that you might want!

Hubby has just been to Asda living and come back with a Johnsons box with products in it that I think normally are usually about ??25.
He has bought for a fiver!!! I havent even had baby yet but he knows when to spot a bargain bless him. I think they will be snapped up quick as the products are worth more than what he bought it for, ever the sceptical I thought it must be out of date but best before is Dec 2010.
I wanted one of these but refused to pay so much initially as without the box the products wouldnt be worth it but now it's a BARGAIN image


  • We too have one, ours was a tenner and from Morrisons and we got it when i was pg with Kelsie. We eventually used all the products and now use the box as a changing box as its easy to carry to bathroom, upstairs overnight and in the lounge for during the day!

  • that is good as they were charging ??10 for it last week at the baby event
  • my friend got one of these box's, when they tried to put it through the till it wouldn't scan so she was given it for free! Can't say fairer than that lol!
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