Im so chuffed I have to share, Charlie had a really good night last night and he slept right from 10pm - 4.30 had his feed and fell straight back to sleep and woke again at 9.30. woohooo!!!!!!

can i have a little moan too? Why oh why does it take soooo long to get ready to go out somewhere? no matter how much time i spend the evening before attempting to get everything ready it still feels like a military operation!!!!


  • Lucky you!

    I totally agree about the getting ready to go somewhere, even if I think i'm ready it is still 10 minutes later when I get in the car and am ready to drive off! lol
  • whooohoo funky!!!!!!!!!! lets hope he keeps it up or gets even better!!! i am ready to go then millie decides to do something in her nappy!!! lol xxx

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  • dont really have the getting out problem
    i slept in the other day only got up at 8.30am i manadged to get the two olders one plus the baby all up, teeth brushed, dressed and packed lunch made, and out the door by 8.36am was going for a record that morning but i was happy to make it out the door at the same time as normal
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