would anyone like?

afternoon ladies and babies hope u r all ok ?

im posting this as im wondering if anyone else is dieting/eating healthy at the moment and would like to be my diet buddy? i been activly dieting now for 3 weeks and doin ok ,i just think it would be nice to share food ideas,excerzise regimes and also weighing details ....so we have someone to boost us when we lose every week ?im not doing weight watchers as i cant afford it but i go to my friends every monday for weighing. i have been trying to eat better not dieting as such but cut the crap and eat better ...im going to look like an omlette soon :lol: ....

so if any of u lovely ladies would like to share the joy of dieting with me please post :\) ...

lisa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I would love a diet buddy! I've been dieting for about the same as you now, 3 weeks, and i'm doing weight watchers - lost 5.5lb's so far and have about 3 stone (!!!) to lose in total - although not all of that is baby weight, i was overweight beforehand!

    Would be nice to share stories and confessions when i'm naughty (like just a minute ago i ate an ice cream oops) and tips and things.

    How much are you hoping to lose hun? xx
  • yipeeee thanks jam donut ...although think u should change ure name i want a donut now :lol: :lol: ...well for some silly reason my body loses weight when im pregnant so ive lost 2 stone since i concieved sophia image but i now have 1 stone to lose to be my ideal weight well 15 pounds ....i have lost 2 so far :lol: .....what do u eat for lunch ? i am running out of ideas ,i have lots of omlettes as their really healthy without the cheese ...i just put a little in image ..jacket potato with yet again a bit of cheese and beans ,i use prepacked bags of crunchy salad from tesco and walkers baked crisps ....i try not to have sanwiches cos i dont like brown bread and also dont find it fills me so need some more ideas .....also i have been walking about 1-2 miles a day when possible ,i walked 10 miles altogether last week image then i just try not to snack in between ..do u find the more u diet the more u eat ,i cant stop thinking about food :lol: xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Have you got room for one more image I've signed up with Tesco diets as it was much cheaper than ww or slimming world. I only started yesterday so I haven't lost anything yet, I've got about 1 1/2 stone to go apparantly, althought that would make me lighter than I've been since I was about 20!!!
  • yep bedhead the more the merrier i reckon ....shall we have a specific weigh day where we all say how much we lost in the week? i get weighed every monday what day do u guys have ure weighing? ....we can do this girls xxxxxxxx
  • Haha i know what you mean about the more you diet the more you eat - i have to try and distract myself otherwise i eat out of boredom!

    For lunches i'm quite boring - i either eat beans on toast, scrambled eggs on toast, dippy egg and soldiers or a salad if i've got the stuff in and time to make it! If you like soup the Heinz Big Soups are fab - they're quite low in points on WW and sooo filling. I tend not to eat sandwiches for the same reason, i'm always hungrier afterwards!

    Do you like crumpets? They are so low in cals and fat and make a realy good snack with a cuppa.

    I don't exercise as much as i should but i am pretty active - except when lo is having his lunchtime nap and i sit on the computer! I go to a buggy exercise class on a monday, swimming lesson with lo on a sunday and out for a walk maybe one or two other days but it's not exactly a strenuous walk! Maybe i should resolve to go to an exercise class!

    Did you get weighed yet today or is the weigh in later? Mine's tomorrow morning - not looking forward to it! xx
  • no i weigh later on about 6ish so ill wait till u get back from ure weighing tomorrow and we will post the results ....im not looking forward to it either as if i dont lose it doesnt give me incentive for the week after ......im starting boxcerzise classes on thurs which im really looking forward to ...excersizing and learning how to throw a good punch at the same time :lol: ....i do like crumpets so thats a good idea actually thanks .....im so proud of myself as i havnt had a takeaway in nearly 2 weeks and im the takeaway queen image ...do u plan ure evening meals in advance? i find this helps me and i dont think too much about not eating the same as oh ,we have been having meals and i just pile my plate with veg ,i love cabbage :lol: ..... xxxxxxxx
  • Welcome aboard Bedhead image

    I do plan my meals in advance - i shop online so Sunday nights i write down all my meals for the week, then just buy what i need, that way there's nothing to make me go astray and it's cheaper too!

    I HATE veg lol, i'm such a fruit person but i'm trying! Got to set an example for lo as well, plus it is quite filling... I'm also still bf'ing so i've got to eat a certain amount to keep up my supply, WW give you ten extra points a day to use, which i'm having trouble using without cracking out the maltesers :lol: :lol: :lol: xx
  • I am supposed to weigh myself every Sunday. I don't get as much excersise as I'd like, I love walking but Millie is getting too big to want to be in the buggy and she walks like a snail :lol: I do manage to go riding every week or so, only half an hour but I'm badly out of practise so it leaves me knackered. Used to do a lot of mountain biking with oh pre kids and we've just bought a new double trailer so hoping to get out more now the weathers getting better. I'm struggling with the food as I'm a vegetable phobe :lol: so it's hard to find good stuff to fill up on. Thought I was going to starve yesterday without my normal junk but found out this morning I am allowed an extra 300 calories coz I'm bfing so I may survive!!
  • hey have u not seen the advert "maltesers are so light u will have to find new ways to be naughtey" :lol: i wish i could just shop online and not need anything else i spend far too much money in tesco i spent ??280 last month image ..popping in and out every bloody day its far too handy where we are i need to live miles out in the country then id be like a rake :lol: .....i havnt had chocolate for ages either although easter is fast approaching so out come the mini eggs ...i love them so much :roll: ....xxxxxx
  • Argg mini eggs are my all time fave! I love love love them, i will have to be extra strong around easter! x
  • I'm also planning mine all in advance. I hate supermarkets so I get all the fruit and veg from the greengrocers, the meat from the butcher and everything else from out local little coop. Anything I can't get oh brings home as he works at ASDA!!!
  • Crap, I forgot about Easter!!!!! How will I manage without chocolate eggs AAARRRRGHHHHHHH
  • wow bedhead good on u for using ure local greengrocers etc i wish i was that good ,tesco is too easy stupid supermarkets!! i also work for tesco so i get 10% off :roll: ..........the problem i have with meals and planning is oh doesnt eat veg,onion,mushroom or tomato and for lots of meals e.g sheperds pie,lasange etc it doesnt tatse the same without them :roll: ....what meals do u do for tea? xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi I would like to join you too. THough I only starting today. I have actually put on weight since I gave birth to my twins 8 weeks ago - oops!!!!!!!! Chocolate and biscuits are my downfall - have to have them in for visitors coming but I then eat them. I have christening in two weeks !! Going to start walking every day (weather permitting) with the Jane Twin Pro pushchair. Bedhead I was thinking of Tesco Diets too? Going have to do meal planner in advance too - sort of forgot I was to start diet today until I read this post so thanks CB
  • Hi I would like to join you too. THough I only starting today. I have actually put on weight since I gave birth to my twins 8 weeks ago - oops!!!!!!!! Chocolate and biscuits are my downfall - have to have them in for visitors coming but I then eat them. I have christening in two weeks !! Going to start walking every day (weather permitting) with the Jane Twin Pro pushchair. Bedhead I was thinking of Tesco Diets too? Going have to do meal planner in advance too - sort of forgot I was to start diet today until I read this post so thanks CB
  • I dont have a local greengrocer image its a shame as i'm not a huge fan of our local supermarkets veg but needs must! I do go to the butchers for our meat though, makes such a difference in taste.

    CB2 could you not hide the veg in his food by grating it? It would cook down and he might not notice it but you'll still get the goodness.

    We love fish so have that quite a lot - this week we've got salmon, seafood risotto, omlette and home made chips, healthy curry (pinched the recipe off a thread on here a while ago it's so nice), spag bol and chicken sweet and sour. Wish i had more time to cook but lo is such hard work after his afternoon nap until bed time he just won't let me x
  • Hi ladies,great idea. May i join?
    I had lola 8 months ago and its just hit me that its almost summer and i havnt lost anything yet. I have about 2 stone to loose at the moment.
    Luckily my appetite has shrunk as i had the flu a few weeks ago, i tend to have a small breakfast then im fine until tea, and get plenty of exercise walking.

    Good luck everyone. x
  • lol, it's nothing to do with being good :lol: by the time I've persuaded both of my two to sit in the trolley, and then stopped them from poking each other constantly I always forget what I went to the supermarket for. The greengrocers on the other hand, is next to a fab coffee shop so we run round and then go for coffee, the bribe of cake normally makes Millie behave herself.

    Mugwia, Tesco diets seems pretty good, although as I have never dieted before I don't have much to compare it too. They give you a full weeks meals planned out but you can change any or all of them, there are loads of family friendly recepies and it even gives you a shopping list of everything you need, although you need to scale up the quanties if it's not just you eating. Wasn't that expensive to join, think it was ??29.95 for 10 weeks.

    CB, would your oh eat passata? I don't eat 'real' tomatoes but I just use passata in everything instead, tastes the same but doesn't have any lumps lol. I think grating onion would work, or even pureeing it, bet he wouldn't notice it then lol.

    This week for tea we've got spag bol, ginger and orange chicken stir fry, turkey burgers, chicken with rosemery and redcurrent, salmon rissoto and marinated sirlon steaks, all from my Tesco diet plan. Tomorrow could be my downfall though, I am going to a spa for the day (birthday and mothersday treat, can't wait!) and I have a 3 course lunch booked!!!
  • oooh this is fab so many of us to encourage each other ...we should have a regular name for our weigh post every week ...i cant think of one ...hmmm ideas welcome??....thats a fab idea about grating the veg i will certainly have a go at that when i use the slow cooker thanks ladies ....jam donut can i have the recipe for the curry please id love to have a go at that ...im really useless at cooking oh does alot of it ...were having chops with mash and veg tonight after ive walked 2 miles ...and been weighed .....,not sure what we will have tomorrow but if i can pinch some recipes from u all that would be fab ...bedhead what is passata.???.(im so dim lol ) im now looking forward to losing weight as i have u guys to help me and vice versa ....

  • HI girls, can i jump on board as well?! I am ashamed to say i have been 'starting my diet on monday' for the past 3 months. I did really well up til christmas and had lost nearly 2 stone but now since christmas i am absolutely terrible, my other half is working away at the mo and i find i am just comfort eating cos i'm fed up.

    I have tried ww and slimming world since christmas but i just don't seen to have the motivation. Hopefully you girls can help me. What do you think of the tesco diet??
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