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Drinking Water (also in b/f)

Does drinking more water really help with milk production? I don't drink nearly enough but if it would make my milk better I'll try to drink more ...

K x


  • YES!!!!

    You need alot of extra fluid to make breastmilk. In the early days I was drinking about 6-8 litres in 24hrs. Don't you find you feel thirsty? I was constantly thirsty whilst feeding.
  • YES YES YES - drink and eat plenty!!!! image
  • yes if you dont drink enough your body cant make enough milk
  • Dont know if this is right but my bf councellor says that you dont need to drink anymore than normal (normal being 6-8 glasses a day) but you need to eat plenty. Ive never been more thirsty with either of mine, but I was always staving with my first. This time round Im just eating normally. xx
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