Sleeping with a comfort blankie?

Hi all. We have stopped swaddling Riley this week, but he has taken to only going to sleep with our hand or a muzzie next to his face. Obviously I don't want to be dangling in the cot all the time to get him to sleep, but am petrified he'll smother himself on the muzzie. I've put it under his body and the end poking out so he can't get it over his face, and am watching him on the video monitor, but I don't feel comfortable with it. I slept under the covers or with a teatowel over my head as a baby, but there were lots of things I did as a baby I wouldnt dream of trying with Riley, lol. Does anyone have any suggestions of anything else to try? Or anyone have a LO who does the same who could reassure me? Thanks girls, happy valentines day. xxx


  • How old is Riley?
  • Gabe sleeps with a muslin cloth. (so at least I can replace it, lol). He loves them. When he sleeps he either snuggles it when on his side or has it over his head, lol. If I check on him and see him doing it then I move it off but I don't check just to see if it is on his head, they are pretty breathable anyway. How old is Riley again - 7 months is that right? He is old enough to move it off if it's annoying him I think xxxx
  • Oops, sorry, yes he is 7 months! Thanks Tiger Lily, good memory, lol. You're probably right, he could just move it. It does help him resettle. xxx
  • If he's 7 months like TL said then I should leave him with it. Like she said he'll move it if it's in his way. If it helps him sleep and gives him reassurance it will make all your lives easier at bed-time!!
  • Ok, thank you girls, you've made me feel better about it. Just realised i'm still peeking at the monitor, lol. Will calm down and stop watching. xxx
  • Thanks Joanne, good to know he's not the only one. I still sleep under the covers so I guess I should trust that he'll be ok under a flimsy muzzie, lol. xxx
  • If you are really worried could you fold it into a smaller size and then put a couple of stitches in it? It will still be the same item but not quite so long/big.
  • That's a great idea Lottie and Neve! Thanks. I have got some flannel sized muzzie things, i'll see if he likes those as well, good thinking. xxx
  • Barney has a Cuski comforter and he ALWAYS puts it over his face before he goes to sleep, if you move it he just puts it back!! When he first started doing it I was a bit concerned untill I tried putting it over my face and found I could breathe through it no problems, after that I just left him to it.
  • Lol Joanne, thank goodness I have loads of muzzies then!

    Bedhead, that's what Riley has been doing when I move it. xxx
  • You are welcome, Neve has horse soft toy with dangly legs that she cannot sleep without and I used to worry that she would get tangled up in the legs!
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