not a happy baby....

My little girl is not happy today............

She's currently lying accross my lap asleep,

She did not sleep very well last night, waking up every 1/2 hour to an hour from about 1am. (luckily for me daddy dealt with it last night). She woke at 6.30 though apeared to still be sleepy and woke winging though normallly at this time wakes happy and 'talks' to her mobile

I fed her about about 7.20 then put her in her bouncy chair with it on vibrate and she pooed as usual. Then she had a bg cry that was more an unusual high ptiched scream. She didn't want to be fed, or cuddled or have her dummy, she eventually settled laying across my lap with me rubbing and patting her back. She has woken a couple of times but has cried again and settled of back to sleep again.

She's not hot and had her last jabs at the beginning of the month. The only thing I can think of is that she's teething??!!

she's just stirring again............


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  • It could be teething as this can unsettle them and make them a bit grumpy. My lo (10 months) has just had her 3rd tooth cut thru and she was teething on & off with this one for about 2 months!
    Have you noticed any other symptoms like flushed cheeks & more dribble? My lo's poo's became quite pasty too and she did it up to 5 times a day sometimes causing nappy rash. Nelsons Teething powders are good as they are homeopathic. Boots do their own version too. Charlotte loves these and I prefer using them to Calgel.
    It could be her jabs though as this can sometimes make them under the weather.
    Hope she feels better soon x
  • thanks, i've given her some teething powder.

    she has pooed 3 times this morning!!! bless her!

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