To those mums who work ..........................

what is your morning routine ?

I'm due back at work in 3 weeks and i'm worried about getting my routine in place so I can get lo off to nursery and me at work for 8.30am. So i just wondered what routines you use and how long an average morning takes you from getting up to getting to work ?


  • hi hun well im back in work a week on tues :cry: and i will be starting at 6am so leaving oh to sort them out :lol: i will put their clothes out and then he will just dress them and get them to nursery and then nursery will sort their breakfast ..sorry not much help xxx
  • I might be a bit different coz my LO goes to his grans. I get myself up and ready (always bath/shower the night before, no time in morning) while LO gives himself a cup of milk in bed (he's 17 months, when I used to feed him I had to do that first lol). I have his bag packed with clothes and food for the day then I get him up, change his nappy and stick socks and shoes on. He has his breakfast at his grans and gets dressed after. It prob only takes me half an hour to get myself ready and 10 mins for LO.
  • We half to leave the house at 8.20 so we get up bout 6.30ish - sometimes earlier, sometimes later depending on lo but I always try and make sure we're up by 7. LO has her milk, then we go downstair, depending how early it is have breakfast or play first. I finish breakie quicker than LO so I or my oh do the lunches and her tea. After breakie we both get dressed brush teeth etc, then we're ready to go.

    I try and make sure that her bag is at least packed the nite b4 so its not too much of a rush in the mornin, but some nites I can't be bothered and we end up rushin round like crazy ppl in the morn, we get there in the end tho! As Lara said organisation is the key!

    Good luck goin back to work!

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