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I was wondering if any of you could help me with this? Ds is now 9 months old and has slept in his Amby Natures Nest since he was 4 months old. He loves his hammock and sleeps in it for naps and at night. He particularly loves the movement of his hammock and how enclosed he is in it. Well he's getting close to out growing it, a couple more months and he'll no longer fit, so we've got to think about moving him into a cot. We've tried him in his cot a number of times, but all he does is scream and roll around. I don't like the idea of controlled crying and want to make the transition from hammock to cot as easy as possible for him.

Have any of you been through this and if so, do you have any tips or advice?


WW xXx


  • Hiya. Our LO is only 13 weeks but went into her cot about 8 weeks. We (completely accidentally I might add!) got her used to it by putting her in it awake a few times a day (I'd put her in while sorting her clothes, running her bath, etc). I think it helped as then it wasn't alien to her. Might be worth doing? x

    Edited just to say that we weren't using a nest, just changing from a moses basket x

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  • Hey, we used ours for Sara but she's always slept in her cot during the day so the transition wasn't too bad, so I can't help you on that front...but, the hammock can be used for up to 29lbs (or 40lbs with the heavy duty spring) I didn't realise that LO's could "outgrow" it as such as they are in such a foetal position when in it???

    Good luck with changing over, its sad to say bye to the hammock!


    P.S what are you doing with yours? I'd like to sell mine but I'm not sure if there's a market following the bad (and unfair) press they've had...what do you think??
  • Our lo was in hers from birth up about 4.5 months. I decided to move her out as she kept trying to turn over in it which freaked me out a bit, she likes to sleep on her side and she would always keep throwing herself over until she managed to get there. I would have kept using it otherwise as she slept really well in it.

    Luckily Sasha went into her cot with no problems. I did it after a trip away to my parents, hubby didn't come so she slept in bed with me, we were there for a few days and then when we got home the hammock was gone and she went straight into cot.

    Maybe you could try swaddling for a while to give him that cosy feeling? And like the others said, start by just putting him down in there while awake for short bursts, then move onto nap times and then night times.

    I did also consider actually buying her a bigger hammock! You can get child sized ones with some kind of safety feature that means they can't get tangled in the ropes. But I decided that that might be a bit out there and went with the cot. :lol:
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