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baby type spots/red rashes - just over 2 weeks old....

Hi ladies....
just wondered if anyone can help please..

my LO is just over 2 weeks and he's getting baby spots all over his face... (looking like a red rash everywhere)....

the MW did say this was normal, however its really bothering me!... Does this take a long time to clear up?..

MW said he could get it all over his body... I dont want him to suffer with bad skin... Is there anything I can do to help?...



  • just keep washing him with cooled boiled water it will clear up on it's own hun, don't worry about it, all babies get it my lo has come up in spots this week & he's 8 weeks old, they showed up mon/tues & are almost gone now Em & Noah xx
  • my little girls had it and i spoke tro my hv and she said they had come into contact with something their skin didnt like and not to worry. she told me to apply a small amount of vasaline to it, to avoid it being irratated any longer !!! debsxxx
  • hi. just wash it with warm water and cotton wool. thats what i do with my little boy. he is 6 weeks tomorrow and is still getting little pimple like spots, they do clear up on their own.xxxx
  • thanks all...
    so i take it this could go on for some time then!.. i hate them.. it looks awful.. the poor little fella.
    they look so sore...
    ive been wetting his skin with cooled boiled water in the mornings.. but it just seems tobe getting worse...

    how long does this go on and do the spots cover the face.. as they are spreading fast.. x

    thanks again
  • hiya ex-pregnant lady ,
    my little ones had it on there faces but know where else, it does go tho, i washed them with nothing but cooled boiled water XXX
  • My lo was getting it too, so i decided to wash his bedding on a daily basis in fairy and touch wood this has done the trick! He used to have it on his face and head so i thought it had to be caused by the items he was lying on. x
  • thanks ladies.. but how long did this last for?
  • hi, my lo had spots really bad for weeks but cleared on its own around 6 wks. Try not to bath everyday and then only use water, no wash no shampoo no nothing. xxx
  • Hiya ex-preg lady, my little girl is 14 weeks old and the spots have only gone in the last week or so. They are horrible but rest assured they WILL go so don't worry. When you wash his face remember to pat it dry with a soft clean towel as the water drying on his face will aggravate the spots. Its all hormone related and unfortunately theres nothing us mummies can do about hoo! Hope it clears soon. Mel xx
  • hi ex preggars my lo had spots on his face and body and they cleared up at about 9 weeks, the ones on his body were just red but the ones on his face were like teenage spots and my hv said it was infantile acne bless him. She also said that loads of babies get it coz theyre used to being in a sterile environment (you) then its a bit of a shock to their skin when they come into the big wide world.
  • Try organic clothing, wash, cream. My dd had infant eczema and got alot of rashes and sore patches. I used clothes and products from
  • Freddie had awful acne types spots at around 6 weeks probably til 9 weeks (can't really remember now) - they just went of their own accord evenutally. i didn't do anything special just topped & tailed every morning in cooled boiled, then bathed (every other day) in plain water - no wash/bath etc. Did use cream (E45) on the body after bath, but not on the face as he was a little dry. xx
  • hi

    glad to hear these stories as my girl at 5 weeks got spots they look horrible and thought was something i'd touched her with...  bless they don't seem to bother her.. think it bothers us proud mums more....

    good luck to us all with the healing...

  • I was told by the HV that it was normal and just to wash with cooled boiled water but it made no difference. When I took her to the docs for one of the check ups she said it was dry skin and perscribed Aveeno cream (you can get it in boots for a couple of pounds) and it was gone within two days xx

  • Hi all any advice my 4 week old girl has these spots too but they are around her ears and on her neck and at the very top of her chest shall I be worried?? What do I do they seem to be getting worse image
  • my son is 3 weeks now and has red bumps all over is face head and ears and im so worried cant wai to see the doctor after the holidays.

  • For the first two years of baby's life their skin is sensitive and newborn babies are also prone to drier skin having recently been encased in fluid within your womb.

    To help you can gently massage baby with extra virgin olive oil to help restore natural moisture and goodness.  Washing all baby's things with non-bio products will help.  Any mummy's who are breastfeeding will also find their milk can help treat many ailments from rashes/acne, sunburn, colds and gunky eyes.

  • HI my daughter is now 4 months old and has been recently diagnosed with eczema. However she had the same problem starting at about 2 weeks old, and I was advised also by my health visitor doctors etc just to leave it. It progressively got worse upto about 8 weeks, where the advise was still the same, by this time it had spread all over her face and scalp area. 

    But by then i decided to do something about, being at a advantage of being a pharmacist myself, so I should have followed my own advice earlier I found the following helped manage the condition and eventually clear it for a few weeks maybe had I started doing this earlier  my baby wouldnt have been sufferring from eczema today.

    things I did from birth to minimise irritation

    Avoid use of any products, I used only water for bathing, nappy change etc

    olive oil bp for moisturising the body after bath or massage

    additional things introduced at 8 weeks for me which helped but fine to do at 2 weeks:

    bathing area with rash with cooled boiled water and a cotton wool and applying vaseline-this can be done as often as required througout the day

    the key is to keep the skin from dehydrating and drying out, therefore do this many times througout the day, and if it persists upto baby being 8 weeks at this stage baby may need a prescribed emmollient /bath additive e.g doublebase 

    hope this helps


  • my baby is just three weeks and has this rash. aqueous cream bp was prescribed by the doc that it is eczema will this help?

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