getting lo's registered with schools??

hi everyone,

Has anyone even thought about getting your lo's registered with local schools yet? It's just that I had the village vicar round the other night to book lo's christening and he asked if i'd thought about which school i'd like him to go to. HE'S 9 MONTHS OLD OF COURSE I HAVEN'T!!!

Anyway he was trying to sell me the local church school but I prefer another which excels in sports and languages. I commented that it was a bit early to start thinking about that anyway and he advised I get him name down now as they take admissions requests from birth!!!

They grow up far too quickly as it is, he started an ofsted approved nursery last week for one day a week and they now have a bloody curriculum from birth to 3, and i've been invited to a parents evening next week!!! aaarrrgghhhh I thought i'd have years before I had to think about stuff like this!!! :roll:


  • i recomend putting your lo name down early at a school as my daughter has just been allocated the school we wanted in catchment area but as its such a popular school they have had to turn 9 children away that are in catchment and over 100 that are not im just so pleased now i put her down at birth

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  • I have been strongly advised by a few teachers i have as clients to book my LO into a scool early. I feel exactly the same that it seems way too early to do all of this as she is only 10 an half months old but im going to try and look into this just a quick question 'faithy&finley' where did u put down ur LO's names for schools do u have to go through the schools direct? i dont even know where to start!!!!
    Thanks and good luck claire a belle
    Hannah xx
  • Round where I am you dont put your los name down for school until they are 2.
  • We don't have to do it until they are 3 (I think!) everybody fills in the same form and places are alocated on the basis of which is your 1st choice, distance from school etc. If you have a look on the local education authority website it should tell you what the procedure is in your area.
  • were i live you dont put your los name down untill the June at age 4 so they start in September! so only 2 months before they start and no-one is ever turned away but then our local town has about 200 people living in it so its not exactly a rush, its also the same primary school me and my hubby went to which is nice. x
  • hiya,my dd starts pe school in july shes 22mnths! then she goes to primary school at 4,theres no rush round here as eveyone gets a place.....but there is a new eco school just opened near me and in the summer they have there classes outside,go for outings twice a week and have there own veg garden! trouble is its ??800 a term! will have to think bout that one.x
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