Hot flushes..sweating...blurry eyes...

Hey girlies,

I have noticed since giving birth about 1-2wks
after that i'm soo much hotter then I previously
was... I'm sweating more and am clammy and hot
all the time.

Then I seem to set even hotter "hot flushes" and
I'm soaked through the night!

I was solely breast feeding but have decided
to combi feed due to feeling like I have no milk
in my breasts coz of constant feeding!

I've also noticed my vision and hearing has
changed...tried to make a eyesight test, I wear
glasses, and was told u have more fluid in your
body after pregnancy and it pushes on your optic

Is anyone else experiencing this? I'm not going
through "the change" am I?


  • most likely just hormonal changes and ur body trying to return to some state of normailty, but hot flushes/disturned vision etc can be a sign of raised bp/palpataions so maybe worth getting ur blood pressure checked over. have u had ur 6-8wk postnatal check yet?

  • its highly unlikely that its the change so soon after birth.

    it is more likely to be your body getting used to the new slew of hormones surging through your body after the birth and through bf.
    It might be worth mentioning it to your gp who can test your iron levels .

    i'm not sure how old your lo is, but you will probably have enough milk for your lo, as it is a supply and demand thing, even though it might not feel like you do. Through a growth spurt they feed a lot more often to help increase your supply, and as they get older your body settles down into its supply so you never do get the 'full' feeling unless you miss a feed (and if you miss a feed there is no signal to your body to produce milk for that one next time either)
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