Is it teething?

Hello all, Summer is now 11 months old (god where has the time gone) She is at nursery full time and has been there since March. Yesterday morning she woke up very grizzly and clingly and this carried on until i dropped her at nursery. As soon as we got to nursery she perked up and i said to them that if she doesn't settle etc to give me a ring and i will come and get her. Well at 2.45 i had a call saying she's asleep but that she's not herself and that could i possibly come and get her. I turned up and she was still asleep (i work 10 mins away). She wasn't a happy bunny at being woke up which is fair enough. Anyway i took her to my mum's and my mum said there is nothing wrong with her (she was her happy normal self). When OH came home she was laughing etc. The only thing i'd say is she was clingly. She went to bed at 7.30pm and was up at 6.30. She was fine, bit grizzly but nothing out of the ordinary.

I've taken her to nursery and told them that if any problems i'll take her to dr's. Do you think it was her teeth? On Monday someone pushed her over and she had a bump on the head, could she be in pain with that?

I'm at work and worried that i'm going to get a call from the nursery. Do you think they overreacted. The only thing i'd say is that why didn't they ring me when she woke up as she might have just been tired?

Sorry to go on just need peace of mind i think. Anyone had anything similar happen. God i can't wait for her to say "mummy i've got headace" etc

Michelle xxxx
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