any suggestions please


Well finally have managed to settle into a good feeding routine with my boys after experiencing a few problem with weaning etc they are now 6 months and eating the following

7ish - 7 ounce bottle
0930 - porridge and fruit
12.30 - 13.00 - 5 ounce bottle savoury and desert
4.30 - savoury made with milk normally 4 ounces and yoghurt
7 o clock bottle then bed

the only thing is i make them 7 ounce for bed time but the most they are taking is 5 ounces my boys still waking up through the night 2 or 3 times but not for feed or should i say we are not feeding them we have tried dream feeding but no joy there they don't like being woken up for feeds and i don't want to atart feeding them through the night as they were sleeping through until about a month ago but do you think i should .... i was thinking of putting them to bed at 18.30 and then maybe giving them their last feed at 8.30ish which means waking them up but longer period after their tea do you think this is a good idea


  • hi honey, Chances are your boys aren't waking through hunger, they seem to be getting plenty during the day for their age. It's best to kick the habbit of bottles through the night as soon as possible because parents can actually get babies into a bad habbit of expecting a feed if they wake up for any reason.

    I personally think most babies of this sort of age wake up through the night between the different stages of sleep, it's natural, and even babies who "sleep through" may wake - but then re-settle themselves.

    It's most likely that your boys just need to learn to, and get used to settling themselves back to sleep, and they need to be taught that they don't need milk or cuddles to settle them.

    Unfortunately it's probably just a case of persevering with not feeding through the night and hope that they will soon realise it isn't worth crying if they wake!
  • thanks for your replies i agree not good idea to feed during the night but what if they don't take a full feed at 7pm should i still leave them
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