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Im not really sure which forum to post in but i was wanting some advice about my 13 month old. He started cutting his afternoon nap out so i moved the morning one later, he wakes about 6.30-7am and i put him down for his nap about 11.30am as he seems tired around this time and goes off really quickly. However he only has about an hour so come 5pm he starts getting grumpy cos he is tired. Do you think i should move his nap time to after lunch or try him with 2 naps again?


  • we are having the same problem with our 11month old. we still try and get her to sleep at 3pm but when she doesnt her bedtime comes forwards half an hour!!
  • Ive always used the after lunch sleep as the big sleep. I have an early lunch 11.30ish maybe and then straight to bed. My kids have all then slept for up to 3 hours which is perfect and they are not too tired for tea and bed time.

    My lo is nearly 8 months now and he is still needing a wee nap in the morning but i make sure he doesnt have more than maybe a half hour or sometimes if he doesnt have one at all i start lunch a wee bit earlier and get him into bed for 12ish. If you are having a nap before lunch you might find that LO is waking up from hunger, i know the odd time that my lo falls asleep before lunch he doesnt sleep long!

    Gemm x
  • Oh my goodness, we are having daytime nap hell and I can't make sense of it. Baby is almost 9 months old and has refused to take afternoon nap for a week and is moving morning nap later and later and for longer. My question is do I just let go of the afternoon nap and stop battling him into the cot??? Isn't this a bit early to transition to one nap a day?? I sympathise with you cos it buggers up the whole day!
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