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Hey all,

Just after some advise, should you wash your new born babies clothes with a seperate non-bio detergent or a dedicated baby detergent or is it ok to use the same household detergent with fabric conditioner, unless signs of a rash for example I use for myself and my partner BOLD 2 in 1 with LENOR fabric softner ???


  • I washed all lo's clothes in our washing powder & fabric conditioner which was persil non-bio & comfort prue. I still wash lo's clothes in persil non-bio, but have dropped the fabric conditioner because my daughter has very dry skin & it's not helping her skin. I think that as long as the washing detergent is non-bio it's fine to use for all the family.

    Jayne xx
  • I washed and still do wash everything in persil non-bio, just because I didn't want any scent chemical against LO's skin (I used fairy softener on a few bits but not many!) the baby smell is so special and lasts for such a short time I wanted to savour it!!! (Now I sound wierd!) But I think non-scented, non-bio products are recommended as they will be less likely to cause irritation.

    Or...you could try eco-balls...there have been a number of converts on here recently!!!

  • I think it would be fine to use your own washing powder and if there are any signs of irritation then switch. My dd has mild excema so i use Fairy non-bio and comfort pure on her clothes and ours.

    Although saying that i would maybe use a non-bio for the first few months just incase your baby has any reaction and their skin is so delicate to begin with.

  • double post x

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  • i used fairy for a few weeks but found it a hassle doing two loads of washing . i buy what ever is on offer and have used bio and non and never had any problems with los . i alway put it on the cycle with an exrta rinse just to make sure all the powders been rinsed out

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  • We do everything in fairy non-bio. Don't use softner as they all smell far too perfumey for me! x
  • I do everything in fairy non-bio now as well and don't use any softener, as like Ruth77 they smell too much for me. HTH xx
  • I do all our washing in fairy non bio gel and comfort pure, I just do a major stock up when they're on offer
  • we do everything in fairy non bio too.if anything else is used hubby comes out in a terrible rash
  • I do all ours in Persil non bio as can.t use anything else for DSs nappies or he gets a rash. Can't bo bothered to use 2 different for ours and his, so it all gets done in that. Don't use softener as never had the need to and find it makes sheets and towels smell sour once they've been in the drawer for a week or so.
  • Thanks everyone, great help !! XXx
  • we use our normal ariel bio gel (the brrrrrr-illiant cleaning one) for Libby's clothes and nappies. However, I only put a 5p-sized blob in and do an aqua-plus wash to rinse it all out.
    None of us have sensitive skin and Libby's had no reactions so will continue with it.
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